Back to blogging! 

Morning everyone! Missed my blog lately so I am back to it, as most of you know I am a social media geek and am totally obsessed like most of you out there. At the minute I’m obsessing over other bloggers so thought it would give me a kick start writing back on my own. I love to write and I know having this blog helped with my weight loss after my first baby last time; so with 3 holidays looming this summer I am on it! 

I always like a fitness plan so did a little instagram research and found Ldn muscle bikini guide. 16 weeks of torture! Not really I am actually enjoying it! Started off really well then got poorly so had 2 weeks off and started where I left off. The guide can be done at home and if you do not have the equipment they give you a few alternative exercises to do just with dumbells; it really has toned me up! 

The guide has 3 sections for beginner, intermediate and advanced. I chose to follow the intermediate section as I already trained and had done stamina I just needed to push myself further. 

There is also a large section of diet explainations for each beginner, intermediate and advanced followers. I have to admit I haven’t stuck to adding everything into Myfitnesspal as I’ve been struggling with food lately due to stomach problems I’m seeking medical attention for but I have been eating well. 

My sister Charl joined me yesterday for a workout (click to follow her on insta). She is trying to lose two stone of the next 3 months by using slimming world and exercise. It’s great to have support when you have a goal! 

This is my garage we have turned into a home gym since having the kids! Love it and it makes it so much easier to train whenever I like. ​



Back to full press ups for me too! ​


Will be posting more updates and hopefully fitness tips over the next few weeks before I go on holiday! Hopefully this motivates you and like me when I look for motivation if I have a goal and support around me it is so much easier. 

Enjoy your Sunday! I’m off to train in the garage 

Sam xxx

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