Life is cruel 

This week has been rough and we are only on Wednesday! I know lots of people who were affected by the bombings in Manchester and i think I speak for everyone when I say it has saddened the whole of the uk yet again. This is really close to me. Manchester is a place I was in just two weeks ago watching Micky Flanaghan at the MEN arena, it’s somewhere I love to shop, my favourite restaurant is here, some of my favourite bars are in Manchester and we have family there too. My heart really goes out to the people there. 

When will these “terrorist” attacks stop? What gives people the right to kill others in such an i humane way? God knows but it is happening more and more often and I’m sure in the future we will be seeing it more often and more people we know will be affected; maybe even ourselves. 

Seeing the pictures and stories of the lost lives in the last few days has really upset me I cannot get it out of my head. What kind of a world have I brought my children into? What will he future hold for my girls who are now innocent at 3 years and 22 months old? All I know is that I will be bringing my own children up teaching them to respect their neighbour no matter what ethicity or race they are. To respect others as well as themselves. To live each day as if it’s their last. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to those that have lost their lives and the families and friends it has affected. Whilst our lives go on we mustn’t be scared to carry on living and I hope my children have the same views in the future. Go visit the countries you wish, go to that concert, enjoy that night out. At the end of the day we cannot predict the future but we can live for the day and enjoy each second. 

I know this isn’t a fitness related blog post but I feel i had to say my feelings out loud in a hope that everyone who is suffering will look into the future and smile. While we cannot control what will happen but we can do our best to live the happiest life we can.  

Sam xxx

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