Post lockdown bucket list

“Looking forward to the future and feeling grateful for the past”

Happy Sunday guys! Hope everyone is doing well and is looking forward to some normality resuming when the kids go back to school tomorrow in England. Since the last announcement and the return of some sunshine I feel that everyone’s mood has been lifted slightly and we can see an end to this last year of pandemic hell.

I have decided I wanted to write a post lockdown bucket list of things I am really looking forward to doing this year as and when restrictions are lifted. I feel like creating a vision board on Pinterest and blogging some ideas of things I am looking forward to will boost my mood over the next few weeks before madness resumes at my hair salon and back to work I go. I still want to be able to find time to enjoy the little things that have been taken away from us this past year so creating a bucket list will help me to do so. Feel free to comment with any bucket list items you are looking forward to most as we ease out of lockdown…

  • My first thing I will be looking forward to is eating out! Even if it outside only at first, dining Al fresco is my fave and hopefully the weather will be kind to us. Who else is sick of cooking? As much as I do like to cook and we have been receiving weekly deliveries from Hello Fresh or Gousto to help with the boredom of recipe finding but I still cannot wait to be served that first meal and drinks out. I also cannot wait to socialise with friends and family over food and drinks.

Picture via Pinterest

  • Coffee & cake– whether it be solo in a coffee shop or with friends and family. I love a coffee shop and finding time to go and chill for an hour is something we definitely took for granted before lockdown.
  • Celebrations– we have missed so many celebrations, Christmas do’s, birthday parties, baby showers and more. I want to be able to celebrate with friends and family whether it be at home, in the garden, at a venue…anywhere as long as we are altogether. I also cannot wait to dance and not just in my kitchen!
  • Hugs– as a tactile person, I have missed hugging people. Even when I have been able to see some of my wonderful loyal clients; I want to be able to give them a hug. Seeing family is so strange when you cannot embrace them with a hug or a kiss and it still feels weird when you say goodbye to not embrace. It’s that awkward Goodbye that seems to strange and I cannot wait to be able to hug everyone!
  • Shopping and not online!-To be honest as I haven’t been able to work most of the last year I have refrained from shopping other than my birthday in October when restrictions were lifted and I was able to go to Manchester with my mum and sister for a shopping trip. Which most of these clothes I am still yet to wear. I am excited for that first trip to Zara and being able to see in person the items you want to purchase. Oh and I need my Primark fix…
  • Day drinks! -Who else feels like they will most likely ruin themselves on their first day drinking session this year? I know what I am like and I will be so excited, act like I have never been out before and be home 2 hours later…but I am here for it.
  • Spa day– I cannot wait for that first time I set foot back into a spa. Nothing better than treating yourself or a loved one to a spa day.
  • Bbq’s in the garden with friends and family- Let’s pray for another good summer so we can do this often.

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around”

Willie Nelson

See more of the UK- with travel restrictions probably lasting a while, or at least until vaccinations have been given then I want to travel more of the UK. There are so many beautiful places I just haven’t seen and feel like we have some beautiful coastline and towns all over the UK that we want to explore.

Play dates for the kids– The kids have really got the short straw out of a lot of this lockdown malarkey. Mine are old enough (7&5) to sort of understand the situation but still young enough that they are missing out on those all important dates with friends and the normal life they once knew. I want to try make an effort to let them meet up with more friends when we can and boost their social skills even more.

Fruit picking-I want to take the kids fruit picking this summer as we have never got round to doing so and there are plenty of places around here that do it.

Date nights– time for just me and hubby; whether it be drinks out or a meal or a night away. I want to be able to plan some more time just the two of us and make it more of a priority.

Delayed Christmas do/ opening of the new salon– It has been 5 months since I got the keys to the new salon and we only got to open for 4 weeks of that time. I want to celebrate and get all the Team together to enjoy a day/night out celebrating our latest achievements.

Music events– I cannot wait till that first gig or festival. We love music in our family and we hope that we can go see some of these much loved artists this year. I have “Steps” booked with friends for November so hopefully this will go ahead.

Cinema– another good date night or rainy day family afternoon followed by tea out usually. We love the cinema and look forward to going again.

Rebooking holidays– Most of us have had a trip or holiday cancelled within the past year and I would like to try and rebook in the hope that we can actually go!

Chester zoo– It is really not far from us and such a good day out. We haven’t been now for around 2 years so a trip here is definitely overdue.

Bottomless brunch– something me and my sister wanted to do last year and we never got round to it. So this year I want to book one.

Theatre/Disney on ice– We had Disney on ice booked for the girls last march and it got cancelled. I would like to take them to the theatre is possible also as I know they would love it.

Afternoon tea– who doesn’t love an afternoon tea? Maybe even after that spa day!

Picture via Pinterest

I am hoping this bucket list will give me something to focus on and writing this list today has reallt given me a boost of the good things to come.

Be grateful and positive and good things will come your way…

What are you most looking forward to when lockdown eases? Follow my Pinterest vision board for inspo and let me know if you create your own. I would love to see what you have in store for 2021/2022.

Sam xxx

Disclaimer- all writing is my own however some images have been taken from Pinterest and linked.

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