How I am staying productive during lockdown

Hey everyone! I wanted to write this post as I am trying to be productive through lockdown and it’s keeping me going . I haven’t felt very motivated this week, I feel like everyone’s positive energy is draining now; I feel like this lockdown is toughest yet. I have been trying to keep a routine even at the weekends so as I opened my gratitude journal this morning I thought I would write down how I am trying to keep productive throughout these tough times…


First off exercise! I have been trying to fit in a form of exercise each day whether is be weights, yoga, spinning, anything to keep me going. Exercise for me is something I overthink and then I won’t do it. So if I get it done early I can then use those endorphins to create a productive happy morning. I know I am lucky to have a gym at home but there are so many ways of working out that you don’t need equipment for that anyone can get up and get it done.


Km stationary to do list – use code “SAM10” for money off

I was recently gifted a “shit to do” planner from the lovely KM stationary. These lists are making me so much productive and they have helped me procrastinate less. Just filling it out in the mornings and gradually ticking off what I need to get done really helps. Even if it’s writing down some self care as well so that I don’t forget to actually do something for myself throughout the day. I find it really satisfying to tick the jobs off…anyone else?


I LOVE music! Anything from 90s RNB (shoutout to all the 90s babies), pop, chill out, rock. I have a playlist for everything. Music will always put me in a good mood and I like to have it on when I’m cleaning or doing jobs that are mundane. I also love a good playlist for the gym!

My workout artist of choice yesterday


Before this year began I had never listened to a podcast…I have been missing out! I have found some really motivating podcasts recently and found that I have been looking forward to them on our daily walks. Here are a few I have been listening to…

  • The Daren Kartel show- a fitness guy who has some great interviews with interesting people
  • The Good Glow by Georgie Crawford- found this just yesterday and absolutely love it! Some great ways of keeping upbeat and tips on how to live a good life
  • The Good motherhood- love all of these ladies and follow them on Instagram. Some funny mummy tips and throwbacks about fashion. Just an all round good listen
  • Delicious ways to feel better by deliciously Ella. Love her and so interesting about living the plant based life. A good variety of subjects here and really uplifting
The good glow podcast I listened to

Have you got any podcast recommendations? Would love to find more!


I have recently started using a few guided meditations on you tube in the morning and found they have helped with keeping me calmer throughout the day. Don’t get me wrong I still lose my head with the kids but not as much or as quickly as I would have done prior to meditating. On the days I haven’t, I will notice the change in my mood. There’s so many apps out there but also lots of free guides. Just 10 mins out of my morning really sets me up for a good day ahead.

Hope this helps with anyone that is feeling a little bit less productive over this lockdown. I know it is hard and everyone is struggling in one way or another. We cannot change our situation with Covid-19 but we can make the most of it.

Sending love



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