Cheshire to Essex: the TOWIE tour

Hey everyone if you follow me on Instagram you will know I went to Essex (Brentwood) for the weekend with the girls. We all love The only way is Essex and decided to stay in Brentwood and have a night out followed by a TOWIE tour round the shops and popular places to go as … Continue reading Cheshire to Essex: the TOWIE tour

Our new business venture 👗👜👚

Morning all! Hope your monday morning us as sunny and bright as it is here. I'm loving the brighter mornings and evenings; makes you feel so much better! Just thought I would write a post on our new business venture, Fashion Sisters Clothing. My sister and I have started an online retail shop selling celeb … Continue reading Our new business venture 👗👜👚

Outfit of the day! Maternity style 👗👚

Last time I was pregnant I didnt need to buy many maternity clothes as I was at my heaviest during summer where I could get away with floaty dresses and what maternity wear I did buy I sold most of it on Ebay. This time I have a bump alot sooner than with Macie and … Continue reading Outfit of the day! Maternity style 👗👚