Relevance of International Women’s day in 2021

Happy International Women’s day! A day to celebrate how far women have come, all the women around us, those who stood before us and those we are bringing up into this world. I’m a 32 year old woman bringing up two strong minded ladies; Macie (aged 7) and Aayliah (aged 5) and hopefully encouraging other women around me to become whoever they want to be.

“There is no limit as women to what we can accomplish”

Michelle Obama

What does International women’s day mean to me in 2021?

The day we celebrate gender equality? A day to remember the suffragettes? A day to jump on the bandwagon of all of these marketing companies giving you money off for IWD? A day to send all of those women around you some gratitude and love? IWD to me is about remembering that we are still fighting for equality and that it is a known fact that women are still being treated unfairly to Men even in 2021. Yes we have come a long way since the suffragettes, but no way are we anyway near the equality to the male population. Especially when it comes to the gender pay gap and the fact that during this pandemic it has been women that have mainly suffered with job loss and not being able to work. It is the women that are deemed to stay at home with the children and become teachers. I think this past year has seen us women in even more of a gap in equality than ever!

During an analysis conducted for PwC’s annual Women in Work Index it found that “progress for women in work could be back at 2017 levels by the end of 2021 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the index estimated to fall 2.1 points between 2019 and 2021.” We need to work hard if we are to close the gap between gender inequality if we are to catch up to what is predicted for women in the future. In my career as a hairdresser it is predominantly women working together and I feel like during this pandemic it has been hit hard. Unable to work for most of the past year a long with a lot of other predominantly female jobs, is this where we are at in 2021? These industries bring in HUGE amounts of revenue to the UK each year and all over the world except we have been left on the shelf while other more male dominated jobs such as the building trade have been allowed to carry on. So maybe this IWD doesn’t seem to feel the same to me as it did just a year ago, have we gone backwards?

Reflecting on this past year has been tough. I’m proud of the women around me and proud of the little ones I am bringing up. My eldest daughter Macie asked me this morning “when is men’s day?” and I couldn’t find an answer; I actually didn’t know that we had one (19th November). Maybe it is because we already celebrate the guys in our actions each day, in our workplace, in our relationships and more. Everyday is International Men’s day. Yes there are Men struggling out that to fit in with the typical masculine stereotype, men that are told they shouldn’t cry and that having feelings is too “girly”. Bur what us wrong with that? We should celebrate a Man who is in touch with his feminine side just as much as we celebrate women’s masculine sides? By celebrating both gender types we can become powerful. IWD seems to come across as more of a recognized day as we are still fighting for equality that most men typically have in their lives.. This day sparks debates and public opinion that we need to have to be heard and for things to change. The more negotiations we have the more it will affect our reality and the more that women will be “heard”.

“Women and girls have less social, economic and political power, which can lead to their human rights being denied”

Action aid

Woman should celebrate each other’s achievements. Use today to spend some time researching IWD and find out what it means to YOU. If we all have a voice and we all use days like this to educate ourselves on topics that are important to us then change will come.

I am celebrating the amazing Women and girls in my life and feeling empowered to become a good role model for my daughters. Those daughters that already have strong minds, that already see us as equals and will grow up to be the best women they can be in a world that will hopefully become more gender fair.

What are you celebrating about women today?

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Sam xxx

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