Sundays are for chilling

Happy Sunday eve! I do love a Sunday, I think it’s one of my fave days of the week where I choose to wind down. Always in comfy clothing , gym gear or pjs and copious amounts of tea and coffee. I thought I would put together a post to help anyone else who struggles to wind down and prepare for the week ahead…

Snooze that alarm

I try to have a lie in on Sunday’s. Recently I have been choosing to get up at 6am and go through my morning routine but I have been trying to skip this on a Sunday and it feels good. Our girls are old enough now that they get up by themselves and they come to say hi but usually leave us to get an extra hour while they have IPad/TV time. Which I’m sure they love!


I try to read a little each day, but I love to get snuggled on the sofa with a blanket and a good book for an hour. I find reading really relaxing and feel like this year I want to read more. I have no excuse at the moment either!

Currently reading “why mummies sloshed” by Gill Sims

Cosy food and snacks

I always try to have something warm and hearty on a Sunday like a roast or sausage and mash. I love to cook and find having a meal that is really heart warming helps me to relax. If I’m feeling naughty I will also make sure I’m stocked up on Tea and Biscuits too.

Journal/diary planning

I recently purchased a diary and I am loving being organised on a Sunday so that I don’t have to worry about the week ahead. Usually I would be writing in working patterns and who is helping with childcare but as we are currently on lockdown I have been writing the girls homeschooling in, planning my gym sessions and fun things to do at home so that we don’t get too bored. I find planning my week has really helped with my positive mindset and has helped me feel like we have some sort of routine.

Candles and wax melts

I am obsessed! Now I am at home more too I like to light a candle or wax melt to burn in the day too, but I find having candles lit in the evening is super relaxing. I get a lot of my wax melts from a local company who kindly gifted me some to try last year. Cheshire wax works

Skin care

I do my skin care each morning and night but on a Sunday I like to use a face mask or something containing lavender to help me relax before a cosy evening in front of Netflix. My favourite skin care bits at the moment are Neom sleep cleanser and the Beauty sleep mask by Lush these two smell like you have been in the spa! I have also been loving Lush skin drink for moisturiser as it’s super thick and rich for night time.

Sleep sprays

I swear by a sleep spray! I like the Neom sleep spray but recently found Twilight by Lush. It’s a body spray but I have been spraying it across my bedding before bedtime and it’s aroma creates such a calm chilled smell in the room, it’s so good.

How do you spend your Sunday?

Lots of love

Sam xx

Disclaimer: All ideas are my own. None of the links are affiliated but if any items have been gifted I have mentioned so above.*

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