Back to healthy eating! 

Evening everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. Aayliah is 2 weeks old today and we have a good routine going. She has slotted into our family life just perfectly.

 Approximately 4 days after I gave birth I wanted to get back into cleaning up my diet again and I am feeling great because of this! I am down to weighing around what I did when I got pregnant with Macie and I want to lose that extra stone to get back to what I weighed and felt like before Aayliah. As soon as I am ready I will get back to the gym also! Looking forward to being able to push myself again and reclaim my fitness and tone.

The last month of pregnancy I stopped a lot of my exercise and just did a lot of walking and ate what I wanted so in a way I was glad to get back to eating healthier again. I gained just under 2 and a half stone or approx 35lbs for my American readers whilst pregnant. I gained he extra half a stone in the last month! I have already lost around a stone and a half (21lbs) just from giving birth and eating well for the last 10days or so. Wanted to get out and do more walking but it has been hard as we have been so busy with visitors and getting the house a little more organised.

My diet has consisted of a lot of protein and less carbs but still not cutting out the carbs altogether as this is unsustainable to me. The carbs that I have added are complex carbs such as brown rice to help keep me fuller for longer. My typical daily diet has been the following:

Breakfast: whole grain porridge oats with semi skimmed milk and some agave nectar to sweeten it up. I have been having a green tea in the morning too.

Lunch: usually a salad packed full of veggies and a source of protein such as chicken. I have been having the odd sandwich too just not many. I don’t cut out bread altogether; this is impossible to me I will just crave it more if I ban it.

Dinner: protein and veg. For example last night I did a pork stir fry for kris and I. However he had noodles with his and u had extra salad with mine. It’s just about changing it slightly to suit you rather than making a completely different dish for each family member.

Snacks: apples, bananas, melon, pineapple, total Greek yoghurt sweetened with agave nectar, nuts, boiled eggs. I have also been trying to up my water intake and I have been having green tea instead of any normal tea and coffee.

Along with the odd treat or meal out this type of diet is sustainable. I do keep my eye on Pinterest though and save any clean treat ideas or meal ideas to my boards so that I can go back to them later for inspiration.

Do you eat clean? Have any favourite recipes you would like to share? Follow my boards on Pinterest of Instagram for inspiration.


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