Aayliah at 1 month! 💕

Yesterday (02/08/15) Aayliah turned exactly 1 month old! Where did that first month go? She is an amazing addition to our family and makes it complete. I can't imagine life without her now. She has grown so much too, had her weighed last week and she was 9lb 6oz so just over 2lb gain since … Continue reading Aayliah at 1 month! 💕

40 weeks

Today should of been my due date however baby Aayliah Lillie bache made her appearance yesterday July 2nd at 11:33am!! We are both doing really well and I managed to give birth naturally opposed to c section this time. I'm so proud of my self that I did it and feel so much better for … Continue reading 40 weeks

39 weeks + 2

Happy Sunday! I am 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant and took these pics yesterday morning.            Feeling?  Massive! Not as big as I did with Macie but getting uncomfortable now especially when walking. It is definitely a lot more straining on your body when you already have a small child that doesn't understand … Continue reading 39 weeks + 2

38 weeks and my baby shower 🍼

Hi everyone! I'm writing this after a rubbish week of feeling sick, then feeling better, having contractions and then stopping again. I don't know whether I am coming or going! I forgot that these last few weeks of pregnancy are not fun. Yesterday I turned 38 weeks pregnant and had the worst nights sleep I've … Continue reading 38 weeks and my baby shower 🍼