10 days post partum

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. We had a busy one with lots of visitors to see Aayliah and a meal out with the family too. Cannot believe it has been 10 days since I gave birth but then again we have settled into have 2 children pretty easily so it feels like we have always had Aayliah. Things are definitely easier second time round when you know a bit more about what you are doing.

After the birth of Macie I knew I had gained a lot of weight and I felt gross. On top of that I had a shiny new Caesarian scar to top it all off with the stretch marks and loose skin to go with it! My body felt alien to me and I didn’t know how I felt about my new shape at all. I really wanted to know what a woman’s body looked like straight after birth. Doesn’t your stomach just go flat again? No! It certainly doesn’t well not on my case anyways. I am sure there are a few lucky women out there that do get straight back into their pre pregnancy clothes and have a flat stomach just days later but in most women that isn’t the case. This has led me to write a blog post on my own post partum body; hopefully this will help other ladies too having their first children into what to expect after baby! 

This pregnancy was a lot different to Macie though and I didn’t gain as much weight and I began in the best shape of my life too. I also didn’t gain anymore stretch marks but the loose skin is still there and will probably be worse after stretching twice in 2 years! But I have learnt to accept the flaws and loved my post pregnancy body after Macie so I know I will get back to it even sooner with Aayliah. To anyone just starting their pregnancy journey; keep fit and active it really helped me this time both physically and mentally and it definitely helped during labour too! 

I have been taking some pictures of my post baby body over the last few days. They’re not the most flattering but I do think it will help others to see that you still look pregnant even after you have given birth but it does go down over time. After Macie I really wanted to see more REAL post baby bodies so I hope this helps some of you ladies out there who are pregnant and want to know what to expect afterwards. 

As you can see just 24 hours later I still look around 6 months pregnant but as the days have gone on my uterus has been shrinking away to a smaller stomach. It’s nothing like what I started with but you can see that it does go down pretty quickly! 

Below is a picture of my post baby body after Macie (about a year later) just before I got pregnant can with Aayliah so you can compare.   

I also bought a waist belt to help with the healing of my ceasarian last time so I did get this out and used it for the first few days this time. I will also use it when I go back to the gym to help with my abs and back.  

I bought it from eBay for less than £5! It really does help with backache and bringing your abs back together. It takes a lot of pressure off your back as your abs will have separated when pregnant it takes a while for them to come back together. 

The first few days post birth I was also very swollen. My feet and legs and hands seemed huge but they soon went back down to normal. Probably didn’t help that we had a hot few days too making swelling a little worse. 

How did you feel about your post baby body? I really didn’t think that I would ever love mine but you learn to do so and after Macie I had the best figure I have ever had. I have learnt to accept the stretch marks and loose skin and embrace the fact that my body has helped to grow 2 beautiful baby girls. I am truly greatful and feel extremely lucky. 😍

Thanks for reading xx


4 thoughts on “10 days post partum

  1. I wasn’t prepared for the after pains you get when your uterus is shrinking back. No one told me about this so it took me by suprise.

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