Making a stand against insta fame

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Instagram!! But how many of us feel superior to our instafamous follows and the goals that they feed us?!

Instagram should be about sharing what we love not giving us anxiety over what to post next! Girls especially I see as competitive; not over conscious of what they post and how they are perceived.

I like to follow accounts to do with other mums, fashion influencers, bloggers, makeup artists, hairdressers and fitness instructors. I find myself spending hours looking at their profiles and insta stories, it really is addictive. Some accounts give me fitness ideas, hair inspo and places to go with the kids and I do love being nosey at other people’s lives. Just sometimes we can get obsessed into thinking other people’s lives are better than ours just through their idyllic pictures on Instagram and other social media. Just because we post a Perfect picture does not mean our lives are perfect.

Social media should be fun not all too serious! Let’s get posting because we love it and not compare ours selves to others. The love of social media will still grow and I’m sure it will be a main part of our and our children’s lives that we love to live through. Enjoy posting peeps āœŒšŸ¼

2 thoughts on “Making a stand against insta fame

  1. I love Instagram, because it is so visual. I’ve stopped worrying about a ‘theme’ and just post what has made me happy, thought was cool, or got me excited. It got me back to loving it again x

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