Intermittent fasting

Hey everyone so the sun is actually shining today in the uk today and it’s making me excited for summer!

We have booked our family summer holiday to Tenerife in June and I have started my summer diet a few weeks back. I’ve been cutting out be alcohol completely for the last 3 weeks and have been using my fitness pal app to track my macros until last Sunday. We did our first aid training at the salon and the guy who did our training is also a personal trainer and he got talking to us about intermittent fasting. So off I went to do a little research online and came across this lady Melissa mcallister who has been successfully fitting intermittent fasting into her life by using the 8 hour diet method. I downloaded her book onto my kindle and found it really helpful research and some good ideas of what to eat and how many calories/macros we should be consuming each day.

So from Tuesday I have been trying to fit all of my meals into an 8 hour window and because I work late in the week I have been using 1pm-9pm as my window to eat and have been trying to get up early and exercise. I’m yet to stand on the scale but I do feel like my stomach is a lot flatter and that I can easily sustain this way of eating. Fingers crossed I will feel nice and toned in my bikinis on Holiday!

Has anyone else tried eating this way and exercising at the same time? Any good meal plan ideas would be great also as I’ve been trying to eat a low carb but high in healthy fats diet to keep me feeling full. Which means yes to cheese!!

8 weeks to go….

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