Travelling with a baby and a toddler! 

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. If you follow me on Facebook you will probably know I have been on holiday to Egypt the last week and what a brilliant holiday we had. It was a little daunting to say the least travelling so far with a 14 week old baby and a just turned 2 year old but we did it and I wanted to share some of my tips and handy items I took to help make the journey and stay a little easier.

Love this family pic!

First of all I had so many questions about travelling abroad with a baby so young. The first time we took Macie away was a few days before her first birthday so we didn’t need to take any baby milk, sterilisers etc away with us so it was much easier. However we did have extra luggage space this time due to Macie being two so having to pay for her seat led to an extra 20kg luggage allowance so we had plenty to go by! Also most airlines give you an extra 10kg for the infant too so we didn’t have to worry about the weight issue. With this in mind I decided to buy ready made milk instead of making bottles up abroad. I was worried about the water tasting different or aayliah getting ill so I thought this was the easiest and safest option. I use Aptimil milk and bought 7 x ready made milk in the 1 litre bottles for each day and then at the airport I bought 8 x 200ml bottles for the journey there and back. This was plenty! It made the suitcase quite heavy but we had the space so it was fine!

I was also worried about sterilising the bottles while we were out there. So I did a little Google search and many people recommended these sterilising bags

Which I found in Boots for £9.99 for a weeks worth. Bargain! They were great and lasted 24hours so you can keep reusing them up until the time was up which saved me taking lots of bottles with me. They were large too and I could easily fit the 5 tonne tippee bottles u took with me into them. You could also use them with he foreign water as it sterilised everything. Much easier than taking a travel steriliser I thought and a cheaper option too!

I was also worried about how many nappies I would need as before the holiday Aayliah had had many exploding poos! So I took more for her but we were fine and took a couple of packs of Huggies swim nappies for both girls which are great in the water as they don’t balloon up like normal nappies. I took a few more vests also just in case and we had a lot more than we needed and realistically I know if I needed anything I could buy it out there. My other essentials were blankets for the plane as it is always air conditioned to the max and a parasol for the pushchair. We took two pushchairs just in case so Macie could have a nap in the day and if we were out late at night too. The double pushchair just seemed too big to be lugging around and I didn’t want it to get damaged in transit so I opted for the cheaper fold up pushchairs as these are lighter. quicker to fold and easier to move around. I also travelled with Aayliah in my baby Bjorn carrier, which gave me my hands so I could still help with Macie and the bags even though I did feel like Alan from the Hangover film!

If you are travelling abroad soon with little ones I hope my post helped! I definitely felt like I needed to look up a few items before I went with such a young baby.

Thanks for reading xxx


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