Help! I cant’t stop eating rubbish!!

Help! I have a problem, recently I cannot stop eating rubbish food. All I want is bread, crisps, chocolate, sweets, the list could go on… The last 2 months or so have been rubbish with eating and exercise; life is so much harder with two kids so young; life is travelling at lightening speed. So you can all witness this now I am sorting myself out as of this moment! 

I am not just deciding this on weight loss I also feel so tired, spotty and irritable and I think my diet and no exercise has added to all of this. I know I haven’t long had another baby (19weeks ago) but still I know I felt great when I was eating well and exercising more after I had my first baby and throughout my second pregnancy so I need to kickstart this now before it takes over and I find it even more difficult to start again. 

Miraculously I haven’t gained any weight in these last few months but I haven’t really lost any either. I weighed myself this morning at 9 stone 7lbs and for my 5 foot 2 inch frame height that is a good weight so I am not too bothered about this. But I would definitely like more energy back! Now aayliah is sleeping through more I can get back into more of a routine and get myself back to the gym. The gym is my little bit of “me” time and I do miss it. It helps des tress and gives me a boost of happiness. So I’m off home now to get changed for the gym, while Kris’s family have the girls today and I haven’t much work on I am going to make he most of it! 

This afternoon I will meal prep for the week and get my act together with food again. Make it easy on myself to grab the “right” meals and less of the sugary foods I have been shovelling in lately. My sister has inspired me also as she has joined the much loved Slimming World recently and she came round for tea last week with a recipe for me to cook. Not only was it healthy but filling too without feeling like I was missing out on any bad foods. I have used a few recipes from their books and websites before so will maybe print some off to use over the next week or so. 

Any tips ladies and gents? I know what to do it is just getting started again that’s the hard part. Will keep updating my blog also as I do did this helps and it’s a great way of sharing food tips and ideas with the odd moan about life too! 

Have a great weekend xxx

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