A big thank you! 

  Hey everyone! As I near the end of my pregnancy I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has read my blog along my journey through my second pregnancy. I just write this as a hobby and a nice keepsake for my baby but knowing that people are actually reading it and enjoying what I write is humbling. 

I have lots of messages mainly through my Facebook from girls who either are pregnant now and who have been struggling with their weight saying that they read my blog and really enjoy it. It’s lovely to know that writing this blog has helped some people in some way as it was definitely something I struggled with when I was pregnant with my first baby, Macie. I had so many questions and really wanted honest answers and they’re so hard to find! I spent hours trawling the Internet to find so many other women asking similar questions to myself especially on keeping fit during pregnancy. This time I am glad I was able to find things or on my own and was brave enough to put it out there to help others and also to look back on myself. 

When my pregnancy ends and my new baby is here I hope to document my life and fitness journey afterwards to hopefully help myself and others go through what it’s like after baby.

I cannot wait to meet my second baby girl now 💕 not long to go!


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