Self care Sunday

Episode 3 Happy Easter Monday! This weeks self care Sunday was super busy with Easter activities that i forgot to write my post. I am losing the track of the days now with being on the 4th week of quarantine...anyone else with me? I have been doing my self care all throughout the week this … Continue reading Self care Sunday

My first week on the body coach 90 day SSS plan

Hey everyone and happy bank holiday to everyone in the UK. Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! I wanted to write this blog as a few people have asked me about the new plan I am doing. I have been wondering whether or not to embark on this 90 day plan as it isnt cheap, … Continue reading My first week on the body coach 90 day SSS plan

My misfit fitness tracker review 

Happy Sunday everyone! I recently wanted to purchase one of the many fitness trackers out there but I wasn't sure which one I would like or even if I would use it so I decided to purchase a Misift flash from eBay as recommended by my sister. I paid £25 for mine so not a lot at all and … Continue reading My misfit fitness tracker review