Green smoothie love!

Had the most refreshing green smoothie from a little eatery in Nantwich called Frutition. Spinach, lime, pear and ginger. I love a smoothie because you can sneak in some veg like spinach without having to add it to a meal and you would never know it was in there! Spinach is full of vitamins especially … Continue reading Green smoothie love!

Hubby’s clean 9 cleanse results

This is my husband's results from his Clean 9 cleanse from Forever Living. He has lost 7.5lbs in 9 days but more importantly feels healthier, happier and alot more energised as well as trimmer!¬† Well done babe! The cleanse contain the following: 2 x 1 litre bottles of Forever Aloe vera gel 54 x Forever … Continue reading Hubby’s clean 9 cleanse results

Breakfast ideas

Anyone else skip breakfast especially when dieting?! Studies show that most people that eat breakfast tend to be slimmer than breakfast skippers. People that tend to skip breakfast because of time, laziness or trying to cut out calories end up eating more at lunch or dinner as hunger gets the best of you. Breakfast is … Continue reading Breakfast ideas