The Green Future Box

Hey Everyone!

I have been kindly gifted a Green Future box. This is an eco friendly monthly subscription box filled with products that are mostly zero waste, plastic free and sustainable. I have been following these for a while; the owner is a guy I went to school with. I love to help out a local business as it is all about supporting local and trying to help grow these businesses that surround us each day.

First of all I love the packaging, no plastic in sight and aesthetically pleasing. It was wrapped up like a present to myself; I didn’t want to ruin the packaging! Inside you have 5 products to use all from companies that are eco- friendly and use no plastic. There is a theme each month and for May it is all about “Morning Routine”. Seeing as a lot of us of having more time at home or working more flexible hours we are all in need of a morning routine and we have time to try out these beautiful products. Inside the box is a scroll on recycled paper describing all of the products you get inside and a little on their theme that month.

The green future box


Products inside

Organic Bamboo Flannel from Alcala. This is such a soft flannel you literally just want to feel it against your skin straight away. These are sustainably sourced.

Alcala flannel

Bamboo toothbrush from Ecoalyn. This is a local supplier who uses all recyclable packaging. Some companies do have recycling of their usual toothbrushes like “Colgate” for example but they cannot just be tossed into your recycling bin. Having an recyclable toothbrush in the first place makes this a lot easier for us to be more eco friendly.

Bamboo toothbrush

Toothpowder from Geoorganics. This tastes so good, my kids have loved it. As there is more of a sweet orange taste than the minty one from their usual toothpaste it seems to go down a bit easier. There is also no plastic in sight.

Tooth powder

Eco-friendly deodorant stick from Ku.tis. I haven’t used a deodorant stick in years and always opt for an aerosol which I know is bad for the environment. This smells really good and the packaging is recyclable.

Deodorant stick

Emma’s Soap. This is wrapped in organic cotton that you can return back to the company to be reused and you receive 5p off your next bar of soap. It smells amazing and doesn’t contain any artificial colours or fragrances. It is also free of Palm oil.

Emma’s soap


The Green future box costs £19.99 per month. If you sign up to their newsletter you can receive 10% off also! You can cancel at anytime and the price includes postage. Each box is worth at least £25. They do a variety of payment plans that can help bring the cost of the box down if you want to pay a few months up front.

Green future box also do a few boxes that you can gift to a friend or family member for £25. The gift includes money off so that if your giftee wants to subscribe they can at a reduced rate.

Overall, I love this box and is a great alternative to those who want to be more eco friendly whilst treating themselves each month. I also think it is great for people like me who are trying to cut down their plastic waste but sometimes it proves tricky in picking the right products. This box gives you chance to try out more sustainable produce and I think it would be a great gift for someone you know who is like minded. Everyone should be thinking of reducing their plastic in their household and we are big on recycling here.

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Thanks to Green Future Box for gifting me this month’s box, I am forever grateful to work with some amazing companies during this lockdown.

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Lots of love Sam x

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