Products I have loved in lockdown

Hey everyone! Cannot belive we are into week 7 of lockdown and no sign of it changing either. I have seen a lot more people out and about so I am guessing people are getting a little bored now and want to leave their homes more. I do admit, it is getting “old” now but the more we stay in the quicker we can come out of this! On another note…this being at home more I have been able to try out the millions of products I have in my cupboards and some new ones too!


As a hairdresser we are always getting new products to try out but I very rarely have the time or the energy to try them out on my own hair. I have removed my extensions in the first week of lockdown and I am using this opportunity to really look after my natural hair. No bleaching for starters will do it the world of good. I always use salon products but I am yet to try the full OLAPLEX range so I went and treated myself to one thing during lockdown. I have been using Treatment 3 for a while now and really noticed the difference in the stregth of my hair but after using the whole range for the past few weeks I can safely say I love it! Yes it is pricey and yes I haven’t been using heat on my hair and other factors that contribute to damage but I do think Olaplex has really helped. I now use the no 3 before I wash my hair usually overnight on the last day that my hair needs to be washed and then rinse it out in the morning using the Olaplex shampoo (no4) and conditioner (no5). Once i have towel dried my hair I apply the Bond smoother (no6) and oil (no 7) and I have been using Redken antisnap also on damp hair every other wash. I aim to wash my hair around twice a week depending on what I have been dloing but I am trying to use as little heat as possible and only style my hair every now and then. All of these factors have been helping with the strength and condition of my hair. Olaplex is a bond builder so it aims to rebuild the bonds within your hair so really works within and I think that it is worth every penny. Anyone else given the full range a go?


I posted these on my Instagram story and so many people hadn’t heard of this company. I got my drops in a GlossyBox package gifted to me by one of my lovely clients but I have hardly used them. My skin has been so good during lockdown with wearing next to no makeup and having the time to properly cleanse my skin I didn’t want to go and ruin it with using a fake tan on my face that can usually break me out. So these drops you just add into your normal moisturiser. I have been using 2-3 drops most nights and it has given my face a really nice glow. They don’t dry your skin out and haven’t made me break out in spots either. These are now a must in my beauty bag as I always use a spf 30+ on my face it never tans so these are perfect. They do a body version too which I think will be great at keeping your tan topped up during the summer.


I popped into Aldi last week for my food shop and I have heard great things about their skin care range and it’s so affordable too. I saw this miracle oil that can be used on face, body and hair and thought for £7.99 I will give it a go. Since being outside more since lockdown, I have caught a tan and want to maintain it with good moisturised skin. I find an oil really helps and I also like an oil in my hair and on my face too at night to give it that extra bit of moisture. This is so good! I can’t believe it’s from Aldi, really moisturising and smells like your on holiday. Will definitely be giving this repurchase.


Now this stuff smells amazing! This was gifted to me by my friend Amy as a lovely little Easter gift but I have found that the oil is amazing for my skin and does seem to help me sleep better. You only need a tiny bit and I have been adding my tan luxe drops into this most evenings too. Doesn’t break me out in spots, smells like a spa and adds so much moisture to my dry skin. Would definitely recommend.


This fake tan is one of the best I have ever used but it is even more perfect for those none make up days but you feel like your skin needs a little glow. I apply this will a make up brush and add a little translucent powder over the top and it really gives my skin a glow all day without looking greasy. It does develop into a fake tan over night too however doesn’t seem to have a strong smell. I have used this pretty much everyday even if I have worn foundation a little Instaglow underneath is the perfect primer.


I always feel like I need a lip balm, morning or night but these ones smells amazing and they have a slight tint to them. Inexpensive and they last ages. perfect before applying a matte lipstick too.


I have had this brush for a while, but one I love the colour and two I love how soft it is on my hair. It is a real gentle brush but still detangles at the same time. So even though I am without my hair extensions right now; I am trying to look after my hair and the worst thing you can do is put stress on your hair when wet. This brush really glides through wet or dry hair and its great at getting all the flyaways. Great for the kids too!


I decided to purchase some lashes as I am running low and sometimes a lash just makes you feel better. Normally when I am working in the salon I tend to stick a strip lash on everyday so on the odd occasion during lockdown I wanted to get dolled up I needed some more lashes. I have followed this lady on Instagram for a long time now and couldn’t believe she was selling such lovely lashes so cheap! Some are just £1.40!! I cannot wait to try them out. Plus the packaging is beautiful, I am sucker for anything rose gold.


These beautiful rose gold make up brushes are sold in Home Bargains and i purchased them a few weeks before we all got told to stay home. they are amazing for the price! no shedding and they’re so soft I know alot of make up artists have said that they like them too so if you do see them grab them; I have the full set now.


I have really tried to look after my hair during lockdown and this also involves not putting much heat onto it so I am tying it up more but I don’t want to tie it up too tight. I find a scrunchie to be a lot kinder to the hair when tying it back therefore not putting strain on your scalp too much. I also love a hair clip and these ones in my pictures are from my Salon; Blonde hair salon, and of course I love them!


I bought this mascara in Primark a few months ago and I have hardly used it as I tend to wear stick on lashes most of the time. As I am off work I have worn mascara a bit more to make me feel like a i look slightly more alive and this one is amazing. It is a dupe of “TOO FACED BORN THIS WAY” Mascara and I know a lot of You tubers and other beauty bloggers have raved about it. i cannot wait for places like Primark to reopen again so we can all get our cheap shopping fix in.

I know there was a lot of products there, but lockdown has given me the time to really use the products I have at home and give them time to do a proper review. Let me know if you use any of these products or if you are likely to buy them yourself. I don’t post much beauty on my blog, but let me know if you found this useful and if you would like me to do anymore. Keep safe and well and pray that Boris has some good news for us on Sunday.

Lots of love



*All ideas and thoughts are my own and none of the above is affiliated. If items were gifted I have stated.

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