Things that have kept me sane during lockdown

Hey everyone! Hope that you are all keeping sane yourself as we come to the end of the second 3 weeks in lockdown I wanted to write about a couple of things that I have been doing to keep sane and safe during this quarantine period. Like most of you, I have found some weeks tough and other days I have felt like I don’t want things to go back to “normal”; to say it has been a roller coaster is an understatement.


As a mum of two girls ages 6 and 4 years they have kept me busy during lockdown to say the least. However they have driven me round the bend some days but one of the the ways we have kept busy is to go out for our exercise each day. Even on days where we thought we wouldn’t find the time or the weather has been bad we have got out and gone for atleast 30 mins walking, cycling or on their scooters around the block. This has really helped to keep sanity and it also gets the kids some fresh air to try tire them out a little before bed! Not sure if that bit actually works but I do think that we have been lucky in this respect in the UK compared to other countries who haven’t even been allowed this hour or exercise each day for weeks on end.

Aayliah on her leaf hunt


As well as our daily walks, I have been getting in at least 20 minutes of exercise in each day in the form of HIIT. I do have a home gym but sometimes I just need the motivation from a video or a plan to keep me going and not just going in to the gym and walking straight back out again without even lifting a dumbell. I joined Alexandra’s Happy body plan a few weeks back and have been doing her workouts each day no matter what for the last nearly 4 weeks. Even on the days that I haven’t felt like it I know i will never regret it once it’s done. Also they’re so short and tough they’re over and done with before your brain even registers what you are doing. i would definitely recommend this plan to anyone! No matter what your fitness level is. She has also been doing some live workouts over on Instagram, let me know if you give them a go! Exercise really helps my mood and I find on the days I don’t my mood isn’t as good.


I love to read, but I find the only time I get to do it is when we go on holiday. I found a girl on Instagram called Beth Sandland. She has a Free book club so I decided to join. Most of her recommended books are 99p on the kindle app or can be ordered through Amazon. There is a Facebook group of about 4000 members now and there’s a monthly book to keep you going with a discussion at the end of the month of the book as well as other people recommending other books. If you like to read I would definitely recommend it! Also a good way to pass the time and dive into a world that isn’t our reality at the minute.


finding writing again on my blog really therapeutic. I like to write and feel like it is a good way to express how I feel, recommend products, try out recipes and find other like minded people. It is a good way to escape and get ideas about what I would like to write about next. Do many of you read blogs? I also find Pinterest a good way of keeping my mind active too and a good way to look at ideas for the future.


I know many of you have been baking alot, and even though it isn’t good for the waistline it’s a good thing to do with the kids and we all really enjoy making a mess in the kitchen and licking the bowl while the mixture cooks! I am not the best baker in the world and a lot of the time we just wing it, but it is something I can do with the kids and has been keeping us supplied with yummy treats as well as a good way to get rid of some of the Easter chocolate that is till consuming our cupboards! What have you been baking? I have seen a lot of Banana bread going around!

Our shortbread Easter cookies

Let me know what you have been doing to help keep you sane! Especially all of you mothers out there with young children…times can be so tough! I would love to know what lockdown life is like without children, but I am sure I would of been bored. Is anyone else documenting their own lockdown journey? I know we are making history here. This week I have found the toughest since the first week and I think the miserable weather is to blame. Come on sunshine! We need you. Are we ready to start returning to a sort of normality? Are we ready for the “idiots” that haven’t listened over the lockdown period to become more idiotic and break the guidelines that they never adhered to in the first place? I am not sure some people are ready to loosen the reins on lockdown yet, but I do feel like we need a plan in place now so that people have something to look forward to. The unknown of what will happen next is scary.

Let me know your thoughts…

Lots of love and keep safe

Sam xx

2 thoughts on “Things that have kept me sane during lockdown

  1. I’ll be graduating this summer with a degree in Media Studies (yes, the apt time for a graduation). Like others, I don’t know how things will turn out to be. The best thing we can do right now is develop our skills.
    I’m taking up online courses on LinkedIn Learning- great to get knowledge on different areas I’m interested in.


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