Self care Sunday

Episode 3

Happy Easter Monday!

This weeks self care Sunday was super busy with Easter activities that i forgot to write my post. I am losing the track of the days now with being on the 4th week of quarantine…anyone else with me? I have been doing my self care all throughout the week this week; with being off work everyday feels like a Sunday.

Feels like Summer

Anyone else get the feeling that we are having our summer now? This isn’t a bad thing seeing as we are all confined to our homes and that hour of exercise a day has been amazing in the sunshine. This week I have really got back into my fitness and decided to add this to my self care regime. I re downloaded MyFitnessPal and signed up to Alexandra’s happy body plan. I have been umming and ahhing about this plan since it came out in January but after doing some of the free workouts on her LIVE Instagram posts I decided to sign up. So glad I did, the exercises are tough and the nutrition plan isn’t too complicated so easy to recreate. I have been doing at least 2 of the 10 minute HIIT workouts back to back and trying to do the abs extra too…definitely need to work on that mum tum! I will keep it up for a few weeks and will do a proper review on how I am getting on if anyone is interested in hearing this leave me a comment.

Skin care

Anyone else addicted to face masks and skin care at the minute? U haven’t the best skin, I find it is really combination can be so dry some days and others so oily and spotty so i have been trying to do a couple of face masks and change up my skin routine a little over the last few weeks while I have had the time. I have been using the NEOM cleansing balm and face cloth and wow it is amazing! I was kindly gifted this product but I will definitely be buying it again for myself in the future. The smells is divine! I have a few other face masks that I am loving too; I re used the Body shop Himalayan charcoal mask again mid week and also tried their Japanese matcha tea pollution clearing mask and this was so nice on the skin. It made my skin smooth without being invasive and harsh and came off super easy too. I also used an old favourite of mine the Loreal Pure clay glow mask. I love this one and it is so afforadable.

Chocolate and gin

I have been good all week and not had a drink or any chocolate but it’s a crime if you don’t have a but of your Easter egg on Easter Sunday. I still weighed it out and added into MyFitnessPal, I was just super strict earlier on in the day and made sure I did a few workouts. I don’t want to get obsessed with weighing out but at the minute I know it is helping my portion control and then I can still have treats. I also had a large Gin and slim line tonic and made it last. It was delicious! Who else had a little treat yesterday? Or did you eat your body weight in chocolate? I am really trying not to eat too much rubbish food while we are on lockdown as I think it will affect my mood and when we come out of lockdown eventually I still want to be able to fit into something other than joggers!

Let me know what else you would like to see on my blog or for me to review anything…have a lovely Easter Monday and stay safe! We are off out now for our daily hour of exercise in the sunshine.

Lots of love

Sam xx

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