100 things to do while in Quarantine

I have seen this a lot of the past couple of weeks and wanted to come up with my own. So far we haven’t been bored and found something to do each day that involves not leaving the house or just going out for our 1 hour of exercise. Let me know what you have been upto…

  1. Read that book you have been meaning to.
  2. Clean out your wardrobe (take to the charity shop at a later date)
  3. Colour co ordinate your wardrobe and organise
  4. Listen to a podcast
  5. Meditate
  6. Start a gratitude journal
  7. Prep your meals
  8. Start a Blog (mine is free on wordpress)
  9. Paint your nails
  10. Chill out in the bath
  11. Cook a new recipe
  12. Sort out the kitchen cupboards
  13. Play some games/puzzles
  14. Make your own game
  15. Facetime your loved ones
  16. Exfoliate and fake tan
  17. Watch Netflix (this we have done a lot)
  18. Drink 2L of water a day
  19. Do a home workout
  20. Practice Yoga/pilates
  21. Do a face mask-cleanse and exfoliate first
  22. Do a hair mask or make your own
  23. Create a playlist (I use spotify)
  24. Sort through your emails and junk mail
  25. Get creative with some drawing/painting/crafts/colouring books
  26. Write a diary/story book
  27. Get out in the garden/ do some gardening
  28. Watch every Disney film going (disney+ have a week for free)
  29. Clean the house after all we are in it more often now
  30. Change all the bedding, who doesn’t love fresh sheets
  31. Sort your banking and Direct debits. Make sure you get organised with your outgoings
  32. Bake
  33. Listen to a new artist/album
  34. Create a TikTok account
  35. Create a pub quiz night
  36. Learn to play an instrument
  37. Write a poem
  38. Learn a new language or the basics…
  39. Create a mood/vision board
  40. Write down your goals for the future
  41. Take a bath, even better with a prosecco
  42. Learn a new hairstyle…some fab tutorials online
  43. Clear through your make up drawers
  44. Make a photo book out of your most fave pictures in the last year
  45. List all your tv programmes and films you recommend and send them to friends and family
  46. Try out the new whipped coffee method as seen on Pinterest
  47. Indoor scavenger hunt
  48. Do your accounts (if you self employed)
  49. Rearrange your furniture
  50. Design a new tattoo
  51. Learn a new dance
  52. Plan your next trip away
  53. Get some pictures printed there are so many free print services
  54. Call your friends and family
  55. Brush up on your photography/editing skills
  56. Teach your dog new tricks
  57. Join an online book club for all of those new books you have read
  58. Sort through your Instagram feed
  59. Kareoke, who doesnt like a sing-song?
  60. Learn how to crochet/macrame/knit
  61. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure
  62. Maker somethjing from Pinterest
  63. Start a YouTube channel
  64. Vlog your quarantine
  65. Make a savings plan
  66. Plan a new business venture
  67. Start that online shop
  68. Watch some classic films you may not have seen
  69. Ask the vulnerable if they need anything getting
  70. Create a home cinema experience
  71. 10 minutes of stretching
  72. Watch a cartoon you watched as a kid
  73. Do your make up differently
  74. Support local businesses- share, like, comment online. Buy from local
  75. Teach yourself to play Soduku
  76. Make a family handprint keepsake
  77. Download the Sims
  78. Have a baking competition (obviously if you don’t live alone)
  79. Play a garden game
  80. Teach yourself to juggle
  81. Make a time capsule
  82. Build a den
  83. Make some easter cards
  84. Dig up your family tree
  85. Teach yourself Calligraphy
  86. Play cards or teach yourself a card trick
  87. Make your own bubbles/slime/chalk- plenty of tutorials on Pinterest
  88. Write a letter to your future self or children
  89. Explore other blogs
  90. Decorate the house
  91. Paint the fence panels
  92. Make a collage
  93. Make paper aeroplanes
  94. Watch some tutorials
  95. Create a bucket list
  96. Online shop or virtually if you cant afford to spend at the minute!
  97. Clean your makeup brushes- I always forget to do this one often enough
  98. Create a date night in
  99. Have a picnic
  100. Make your own cocktails

Think of anymore? let me know! Hope you are all keeping busy and getting organised as now is the time to do it.

Lots of love

Sam xx

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