Self Care Sunday Series

Episode 2

“Self care means giving yourself permission to pause”

-Cecilia Tran

Hey everyone, hope you are all safe and well and staying at home during lockdown. We have come to the second week of lockdown in our house and cannot believe we have stayed in for 2 weeks already; it’s gone so quick. Another weekend has gone and what a beautiful weekend it has been. I have felt super productive these past two days and have had a much needed clear out and tidy of the girls bedrooms. They look so much better and have managed to really get rid of all the rubbish that they don’t play with, wear or use.

This self care Sunday consisted of my first bath in years!

I am usually a shower kind of girl but after a morning clearing out Macie’s state of a bedroom I decided I wanted a chill out. Thanks to my wonderful husband Kris he took the kids out while he ran some errands and put fuel in the car I had half an hour to myself. I washed my hair yesterday and used Olaplex treatment 3 for 10 minutes which I love and use a lot to help my hair get in better condition. I also just blow dried it with the Dyson Air wrap as I am trying to use little or no heat on my hair too while I can. I was in desperate need of a good face mask as I have really broke out in some spots this week and my skin feels rubbish. I have a box full of sheet masks and face masks that I want to try out so i chose The body shop Himalayan charcoal mask as I have heard such good reviews on it. This is AMAZING! my skin felt so smooth afterwards without feeling sore or irritated or red; I can see why it has such good reviews.

I haven’t used The Body Shop products in a while and I had forgotten how much I love them. I also used a shower gel while I was in the bath with a loofah in the scent British Rose and this smelt insane. Will definitely be using them both again.

I also made myself a cup of tea and read a little more of my book. I am reading “Believe Me” and I am nearly finished. It has been a book that I have put down quite a bit and has taken me a while to read but it isn’t a bad story just hasn’t gripped me like others. I would still recommend though if you are into psychological thrillers. I love getting lost in a good book and this is the time to do it! Send me over a few of your favourite reads and I will give them a go.

I feel so relaxed now and ready for another week of Quarantine. I very rarely get time to do these self care treatemnts when I am at work and with the kids so I am using this time to really take care of myself. I find this is also a great way to relax and really switch off from what is happening at the minute. Have you taken part in “Self care Sunday”? If so what have you done to relax? Love to hear your thoughts as always. Have a great evening everyone.

Lots of love

Sam xx

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