Is isolation making you fatter or fitter?

Hey everyone! Happy hump day! Made it into my second week of isolation due to damn Covid-19. I thought I would have been going stir crazy by now but I am yet to want to leave the house much and I have plenty of jobs to keep me going as well as homeschooling the two “princesses”.

Hope you are all coping well and keeping safe. I feel like this Virus is controlling so much of my life right now including my bank account I wanted to find a few ways of keeping fit in my own home…but instead I feel like I have eaten myself out of house and home! Who else is with me? From baking more than just the usual once a blue moon, to eating all the goodies in the house for no reason at all. Last night I decided to eat all of the treats that I know I will be tempted by while I am watching Netflix and having my 100th cup of tea of the day; in a bid to stop temptation! I should be using this time to focus on my health…seeing as this is what we are all isolating for. So….NO MORE JUNK! other than at weekends like I normally try to do. When I am at work I am usually so busy I don’t have the time to eat rubbish and there isn’t much option where the salon is to go buy “rubbish” food so it usually keeps me on track and then I can treat myself at the weekend. This is going to carry on being my routine now that I am a “stay at home mum”.

On the plus side I have been into the gym again since being isolated. Last week while the weather was good I did some exercise routines in the garden to help me get back into the swing of the gym. We have also been doing PE with Joe on You tube most mornings with the kids so this has helped get a feeling for working out again. Seeing all of you on Instagram too keeping fit really has given me a kick up the bum and my love of fitness is returning. I am lucky that we have a home gym; since we had Aayliah we turned the garage into a home gym. But I do feel like you don’t need a home gym to be able to keep fit and healthy as I feel like more of us with be able to fight this virus if we do so. The only problem with a home gym is motivation…no gym class, no personal trainer and no one to hold you accountable if you don’t go in there and put in 100% effort. You can literally just walk in and walk straight back out still in your pjs if you like! But if we all want to fight this virus we need to keep fit and healthy just in case we do contract Covid-19 so I have put together a list of free places I tend to go to when I am stuck in a rut and cannot get the motivation or I am unsure what to do in the gym….

You Tube: Some of my fave you tubers to follow their workouts and routines

These are my top three for you tube but there are so many more and I do sometimes just type in the routine or body part I want to work and a lot of these are to be used with little or no equipment also.

Pinterest: I save a lot of routines and find a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Follow me and my fitness boards.

Apps: There are so many free apps on your phone for fitness and to keep track of the calories/macros you eat. Here are some of my faves…

  • My Net diary
  • My fitness pal (obvious one)
  • Map my run/map my walk
  • Nike training club
  • Sweat app (these do a free trial)
  • 7 minute workout
  • 30 day fitness
  • Interval timer (used when I make my own routine up)

Instagram is always a good tool for inspiration and free workout routines too. These are the people I like to follow:

If you find anymore let me know; I am always on the lookout for new people to follow. As always you can still go for your one walk/bike ride/ run a day also but I am trying to limit the time that I am out of the house and it is hard with two young kids who don’t want to walk far and continuously moan so much easier to find ways of working out at home. I have seen an increase in home workout routines online at the minute as we are all on lock down, so save these to your “saved posts” or Pinterest so you can look back at them in the future.

Hope this helps with anymore looking to get fit at home; I will definitely be taking more time to keep on track especially while I am not at work at the minute I haven’t got any excuse. Maybe I will be back working in the salon a few lbs lighter…maybe I will just be a little fitter and healthier but I don’t want to enter the summer feeling like a frump so now is our chance to jump on the fitness bandwagon while we can.

Send me your ideas, inspirations and thoughts too! Let’s keep each other motivated ✌🏼

Lots of love

Sam xxx

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