Self care Sunday

Hey everyone hope you are all well. This weekend I have been using my time to do some “self care” and make myself feel a little better. Even though we are not leaving the house who says we cannot still carry on wearing make up, getting dressed, applying some fake tan…I feel like we all feel better when we look a little better. I have spent most of this first week in joggers, no make up and a huge mum bun feeling and looking a little rubbish. Who else is the same? So I have decided to get back into my blogging and create a new series of “Self care Sundays” where I go through all of the beauty products I am using and loving and also to create a page to share any other beauty tips from you guys! As we all have a cupboard or two full of beauty products…maybe it is about time to use them seeing as we have time on our hands.


I began feeling better on Saturday with a much needed wash of the weave! Now my hair will benefit so much from not being bleached over the next couple of weeks while we are in isolation. Like many of my hairdressing clients, I am also unable to get my roots done and I will not be trying to foil my own roots… I will just wait like everyone else. We are all in this together ladies….especially my Blonde girls! Use this time to help give your hair a little break from styling and applying heat and chemical products like bleach. I will be trying to still do my hair but probably just once a week with heated products and this will most likely last me all week. If not I will be planning on another hair wash and maybe just doing some plaits to step away from too much heat. As I have quite fine hair and have extensions I try not to wash my hair too often anyways and usually twice a week will suffice.

I have put together a list of products you may want to use on your own hair if it is bleached, fine or damaged….

Hair Care

First of all Shampoo and conditioner…I always use what I preach and wash my hair and extensions in the Beauty Works clarifying shampoo and I use their Argan mask as a conditioner which I leave on my hair extensions for about 5 minutes and then rinse. I have also been using Olaplex treament 3 on my own hair at the top and leaving this on for 5 minutes too. Since using the olaplex treatment on my top layers, I have really seen a difference in the condition of my own hair and my layers are finally growing! I have been using the Beauty Works Anti Yellow shampoo just on my top layers every other wash to stop my own hair from going brassy. I try not to use this on my extensions too often as they can grab quite purple in places and they tend to stay quite ashy in general.

Once I have washed my hair I apply a couple of products to my wet hair. I use Redken Anti snapon my top layers of my own hair. This is a protein based product so really helps to strengthen that weaker hair. I then apply Beauty works argan serum all over and put plenty of my extensions to give them moisture.

As I haven’t washed my hair all week I also used Colour wow Dream coat on all of my damp hair. I cannot recommend it enough for hair that is prone to frizziness and makes your extensions feel like new. I then usually leave my hair to dry a little and do my make up, otherwise it takes forever. Once I have finished my make up I go back and blast it dry with my GHD Air dryer and finish with my Dyson air wrap with the paddle brush to smooth it over as my hair gets so frizzy and curly. I have just finished a quick tutorial on how to curl your hair with straighteners so I used my GHD platinum plus stylers to do this. These straighteners are THE best! They provide up to 80% less damage and give so much extra shine to the hair; their rounded edge makes curling with them so smooth. I can definitely recommend them. They also come with a 3 year warranty and are pretty much indestructable! While my salon is closed I have been trying to sell my GHD stock through social media so please send me a message if you are in need or wanting to treat yourself while we are in isolation.I have 20% off all of my stock and FREE delivery or local collection. I also finish my hair with the same Beauty works serum and a little GHD hairspray.

Here is the link to my IGTV where I show you how to curl with straighteners. Click HERE

Make Up

I haven’t worn any make up in a week! So this weekend I have actually put some on and felt so much better. I always like a little colour so decided to do a little spring inspired pastel look. Here is a list of what I used in the picture below…

Foundation: Nyx cosmetics “can’t stop won’t stop foundation” in shade medium olive

Concealer: Revolution conceal and define in shade C3

Eyebrows: Nyx cosmetics micro brow pencil in shade ash brown- really similar to MAC “spiked” but half the price. Nyx Cosmetics eyebrow mascara in shade brunette to make them a little fluffier.

Eyeshadow: Nyx cosmetics ultimate brights palette and mixed the two teal shades together and blended.

Liner: Rimmel liquid eyeliner in black

Lashes: peaches and cream no 17

Bronzer: primark shade “fearless”

Blush: Revolution blush palette in “hot spice

Highlight: Doll beauty in shine bright

Lips: Huda beauty liner in shade “flirt” . Nu skin matte Powerlips in shade “promotion” topped with Dior gloss in shade “629” love this lip combo…I always go for a darker lip liner for that 90s contoured look.

Most items I will link online shops to. I noticed that Look fantastic have discounts on at the minute and I shop there a lot for items if I cannot get them through my salon. Also Superdrug and feel unique are also good online websites that usually have plenty of offers on. These are not affiliated and just my own ideas and thoughts **

I always love putting make up on and getting ready. It has been nice not to do it for a week but I know I always feel instantly more myself when I get glammed up…even if it’s just to sit in the house.


Skin Care

After my shower I always apply a body butter. I literally apply so much I just love the smell…the one I’m using at the minute is Vaseline cocoa radiant body cream.

I also did a quick face mask to give my skin a glow and get rid of any open pores and dead skin. I have a lot of face masks but this week decided to use of my faves in Nu skin marine mud mask. It really does draw all of the impurities out of your skin. I try do this once a week which I will now have plenty of time to do!

Any of the “Nu skin” items I have mentioned above are all my own thoughts but I do stock these items as well. If there is anything you would like to purchase through myself I am offering a 10% discount with code “fitmumdiary10” just send me a message! All thoughts are my own on these items and I stock them because I love them and will only promote the items I love. After all most people who know me know I have cupboards full of beauty and hair products to get through!

Are you joining me in your self care Sunday’s? Send me your selfies on Instagram ✌🏼

Lots of love

Sam xxx