What Covid-19 is teaching me so far…

Happy friday everyone! Hopefully you are all at home enjoying your time indoors and in the garden. This has been one of the weirdest and hardest weeks of my life and we will probably never see this happen again in our life time! We are making history right now and I agree that the Covid-19 pandemic is teaching us all lessons we need to hear. Even though this is a man made virus, I do believe that it is happening for a reason and this “everything happens for a reason attitude” is getting me through.


Last Sunday I decided along with my self-employed Blonde Hair Salon team to close my salon so that we can help rid the world of this virus and stop as much spread as we can. It was a really tough decision but we all knew that we could not carry on with our job as it broke many guidelines set by the government to help stop the spread of coronavirus. I don’t think I have ever cried so much in a week or ever felt anxiety like it but I knew it was something we had to do before we were forced to do. After nearly a week of no hairdressing and making money, I really do miss it. My job is something I love; it is part of me. Even after i gave birth to Macie and Aayliah I didn’t have much time off and was straight back to my clients within weeks.

So what has Covid-19 taught me already?

  • To enjoy each day and be grateful that I am alive, healthy and living.
  • To enjoy my family and appreciate spending time with the girls even though Kris is at work still as he is a Key worker; we still get to see each other more.
  • To enjoy the going out for a walk or sitting in the garden and appreciate the beautiful weather we are having at the moment.
  • To be able to go to sleep knowing I do not need to get up for work tomorrow, but only to home school the girls.
  • To appreciate the school teachers out there; you must have patience of saints. Even though we are trying out the home schooling, I am not sure the kids like mummy being teacher!
  • To appreciate our country; knowing we have an amazing NHS system that are doing their upmost and more to keep people alive and well whilst risking their own lives and lives of the people they live with.
  • To appreciate the beautiful home Kris and I made together and all of the changes we have made over the years. I hardly get to spend any time at home so this is making me do so and I am super appreciative of all of our hard work over the years that has enabled us to create such a beautiful home.
  • To let go of negative energy and re-evaluate the stage of life I am at. I want to spend less time watching the news and on social media and more time on self care.
  • To realise that a lot of things that I thought were really important in life just are not. As long as we have a roof over our heads, love, health and smiles we don’t need too much else.

I know this pandemic is costing me a lot as a small business owner, so I am going to try and use this time wisely and really enjoy the little things in life like keeping fit, reading a book, playing with the kids, watching films, colouring in (yes I have an adults colouring book and cannot wait to start). There are so may things I want to fill this time with I don’t think I will get bored. We should all use this time wisely. I am going to try squeeze in as much as I can into this time and make the most of it. As soon as life returns to “normal” I am sure the salon will be crazy busy and I may not get the time to do the things I enjoy and really appreciate life.


I hope everyone is doing ok. I know for a lot of us the worries of how we can afford this time off are taking over…I am trying not to think about it. For now I want to live in the present and try not to stress. I didn’t ask for this to happen and I know this will cost me a fortune…but for now I will enjoy life and take it as another challenge.

Anyone that needs anything please feel free to contact me even if its just a chat. We can cheer each other up and try and look at the positives to keep us going.


Lots of love

Sam xxx



2 thoughts on “What Covid-19 is teaching me so far…

  1. Beautifully written. I can feel you’re staying strong for your daughters too which is admirable. The pandemic brings along the ugly side but we need to be reminded to stay positive throughout this. Our NHS are absolutely, bloody amazing.

    I hope your family are safe and well too m’dear! x

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