Kids rave pending…

Happy Sunday peeps! If you have a busy life like myself I like to book in advance and look for things I can take the kids to that are local and different to the norm. Last week I came across Happy face family rave on Instagram and immediately loved the idea! A kids rave…where there’s a licensed bar?! What more can I ask for?

Myself and hubby along with our seemingly adult friends love a good party; even better when we don’t need to go through the hassle of getting a babysitter. My girls are music obsessed and crave the next time they can go out to a party so this event looks perfect for us! Designed with primary school children in mind, the past events have looked amazing on Happyface’s Facebook page so I cannot wait to go! My review will be pending I’m sure…

Sunday 10th may 1-4pm

Adult tickets £10

Kids (11years and under) £6

Tickets must be purchased in advanced. I bought mine through this link Here.

Adults must bring a child with them to go though…so don’t just turn up in your super hero outfit with no child attached 😂

My girls LOVE a disco and I am always looking for family friendly ideas and places to go that don’t cost the earth to go to! So let’s stick on our Wonder Woman capes and go party with the kids who’s coming with me?

All images taken from Happyface family rave Facebook page*