Easter trail and pottery painting

Happy Sunday everyone! I haven’t written on my blog for a very long time…but as I prepare for the two week Easter hols and getting back into fitness for the summer I am deciding I will try to write on here at least once a week.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the spring weather this weekend in the UK. Seeing as hubby is on nights this weekend we decided to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine. I hate being stuck in all day especially with a 5 and 3 year old constantly bickering over toys and items that they didn’t care about two minutes ago and only want because the other has it…who hears me here mummies?

I have been looking at some things to do whilst the kids on are Easter break. I am mainly working this week but I am off the week of Easter so want to fill my time with memories and fun things to do with the girls. Today we ventured over to Blakemere village for their Easter trail. I noticed they had a pottery craft workshop there too which I have mentioned to the girls and they were excited to do. I have never been to Blakemere village before; filled with antique shops and individual stalls I was pleasantly surprised. There was also a small funfair there, much to the girls delight.

We began by visiting the office to collect the maps for the Easter trail. These were £3 each and a promise of a prize at the end got the girls excited. After a quick trip to the funfair first we began at our first stop…the ale house where we found our first bunny.

We had to write the bunny names in the map booklet along with where we found the coloured Easter eggs dotted around the place.

The girls enjoyed it and it wasn’t too spread out as Aayliah (3) was getting a little bored at the end and just wanted to go paint at the pottery house. We completed the trail and collected our prizes which included a cream egg so the girls were happy. As promised I took them to paint some pottery.

Inside the Craft workshop the girls picked out a piece of pottery to paint each. They could use acrylic paint so that it would dry straight away and they could take it home that day . There were plenty of small items of pottery to paint at £10 each; the girls loved it and it wasn’t busy at all in there. Would definitely go again as they both love being arty.

I would definitely recommend this place and will take them here again.

Where are you planning to take your children this Easter? Constantly trying to think of ideas that don’t cost the earth!

Now time to sit in the garden before the weekend is over…

Sam xxx

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