Xmas 2018, the sales and family time

Merry Xmas everyone! Hope Santa spoilt everyone and we are all full of wine and chocolates.

As I sit here relaxing with the girls and watching Elf; I have been looking through the millions of emails I have received saying “SALE”. For the first time I haven’t been bothered by the sales mainly because I have enough…haha but also because I feel like the Sales have been all year round. Other than Black Friday where the Sales were ridiculous, the Xmas ones just seem to be the rubbish that no one else wants to buy; who else agrees? Or have you found some amazing bargains this year? Too many sales make people disinterested in them as they think there will always be a discount code or a bargain to be had, think it has just got a bit too much.

We hosted Xmas at our own home this year including my Grandad. It was his first one since my Nan passed, but I think he really enjoyed himself…even joining in in the Prosecco pong!

The kids got spoilt of course with more bits of plastic they will probably never play with…but seeing the joy on their faces when they knew Santa had been makes all the stress of Christmas worth it!

Macie’s favourite toy was her Baby Alive doll, which I think is another you tube sensation from the USA. A crawling, talking baby that you feed green slop too as they ‘poo’ it back out is what she is obsessed with!

Aayliah’s favourite was a Buzz lightyear doll. She has been asking for a talking buzz doll for months now and I managed to get a really good Disney version from Amazon.

The kids look mega cute in their personalised pjs too! Bought from eBay and personalised by the amazing Charlotte who runs Tiny tot tribe . She has some amazing personalised items and slogan tops for mummies and children so go check her out.

Christmas Day was filled with silly games to entertain the kids as well as us. We had Pie face, speak out and Prosecco pong to keep us belly laughing till our jaws ached.

I hope everyone is enjoying their family time and their Xmas was filled with love and happiness. Now I’m off to build more toys to keep the girls entertained…

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