Mum fails

Happy Tuesday! 1 week till Xmas… so excited!!

December is my busiest time of year with Xmas parties, extra hours in the salon and trying to be organised with the kids and Xmas itself. I have definitely lost my head a little this month with everything that’s going on; I know some of you mums out there can relate.

Last Friday it was national Xmas jumper day in the uk however macie’s school decided to not participate on this date and after failing to realise this I sent her to school full Xmas glam and tinsel in her hair…doh! Really should start reading the school emails better, bless hubby taking her in and offering the teacher the obligatory £1 donation with the teacher staring at him like he had lost the plot! Wouldn’t of minded so much but the month prior I sent her to school in her uniform on non uniform day. Classic mum fail…felt so bad! But today I have just watched her nativity performance at a school where she played Mary with such pride and happiness! The mini actress inside her coming out to play in front of all of the other proud mums and dads.

Got to laugh at the mum fails but at least she is growing up to be a caring, funny, thoughtful little girl and one I am proud to say is my eldest daughter. Let’s hope when aayliah starts school next September I have quit on the mum fails!

Would love to hear some of your “mum fails” would make me feel a little more normal…haha!

Have a great day…I’m off to work to spruce up my lovely clients in time for Xmas.

Sam xxx

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