My first week on the body coach 90 day SSS plan

Hey everyone and happy bank holiday to everyone in the UK. Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine! I wanted to write this blog as a few people have asked me about the new plan I am doing. I have been wondering whether or not to embark on this 90 day plan as it isnt cheap, I know it isnt a quick fix and I also have a two week holiday smack bang in the middle. So i reached out to one of the team that produce these plans to ask about my holiday; they gave me two options. Option 1 being I try to stick to the plan whilst I am on holiday as best i can or option 2 was to enjoy myself while I am away and add on another 14 days to the end of my plan. I am still undecided as what i will do, but I will take my gym stuff with me and see what happens.

For any of you that have never heard of The body coach 90 day plan click on the link. I first found out about Joe wicks aka The Body Coach on Instagram. Click here to follow him. I enjoyed his quick and easy meals and have bought nearly all of his recipe books over the last few years and every recipe I have tried to create has tasted so good. His ideas of a quick HIIT session each day to get fit and lean also appealed to me and would fit around my hectic lifestyle. So nearly two weeks ago I signed up paying the one off fee of £97 for the 90 day plan. (I know he has a £20 off this bank holiday deal that ends midnight tonight if you were thinking of it go get it) I had to fill out a questionnaire about my statistics, measurements and a weekly food diary of what I would usually eat and approx 3 working days later the first Cycle of my plan was in my inbox. I was so keen to get started the following day (Saturday) and had enough ingredients in to make my first meal before embarking on a huge shopping trip. To be honest alot of items I had in but needed to choose which recipes would work for me that week; there was alot I wanted to try out. I also had a bit on and indulgent Friday night as my “last supper” as mcdonalds with the kids and few gummy bears when I got home. I felt like this was a goodbye to my old ways of eating and the faddy diets I have been on over the last few months.

Cycle 1 is 30 days long and includes a multitude of recipes and 5 HIIT workouts that you can do in real time with Joe wicks himself on his you tube channel. These workouts are for people on plan only and you can also adapt them yourself to a Spin class in the gym or make yup your own HIIT workout at home. Saturday began with Workout 1 which I needed no equipment for but did it in my home gym in the garage along with my laptop to watch the video on. Also a HUGE bottle of water to keep me going. As I have been doing a few of his HIIT workouts before my plan came to me I didnt find it too bad. A little challenging but overall I thought “I’ve got this”. I felt like this untill day 3…wow! that HIIT session is a leg burner. I have decided to repeat Joe’s HIIT workouts in order on this second week too and still found them challenging, so until I get bored I think I will carry on with this method for this first cycle. You don’t need to exercise every day but aim for 4-5 times a week. So i workout when was best for me to exercise last week on 5 days out of 7 and I did it. 25 mins of hard work and then you get a reward of carbohydrates!! This is what keeps me going.

I can honestly say I haven’t struggled with any of the meals either. The first week I decided on a few of the meals from the low carb and higher carb meal plan. There are more low carb recipes to choose from so I just made a few of the same meals to keep cost down and also food wastage. I cannot believe how many eggs I went through in the first week! I also haven’t felt hungry and on the first few days struggled to fit in the 3 meals and 2 snacks but I think my body has adapted quick and now I feel like I cannot wait for my next meal. Helps that they are pretty delicious too! I have been taking some pictures of some of the meals I have made. I will post a few pics of food I’ve made over the last 9 days…

As you can see you get a lot and carbs are allowed!! Loving the menu choice and have only strayed from the menu this weekend and had bbq as it was hot. I grilled some chicken skewers and had a slice of cheese with my salad to try and stay on track with the programme. Joe does say to not weigh yourself but I did do yesterday to see if I was making progress as I know I felt slimmer but those pesky scales still confirm to me I’m losing weight I will forget them at some point! I have lost 3lbs though which is amazing!! The scales haven’t gone down in weeks before this so I am pleased and feel like this is the right way to go!

Any questions feel free to ask! Any tips from people that have done the plan before? I’m away next weekend for a girls night so I could do with some tips…

Have a great evening!

Sam xx

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