Early morning workouts

Hey all! Hope everyone is enjoying the beaut weather we are having for April, Cannot believe the change from last week, I have sat out in the garden pretty much all day and even did a HIIT session this morning outside. Making the most of it as we never know when it will change back.

So if you read my last post on Intermittent fasting you will know this is what I have been doing for nearly two weeks now. So far so good! I have even lost a few pounds on the scales. Not quite where I want to be but at least after a few months of going up or staying the same the numbers on the dreading scale are going down. I know I shouldn’t focus too much on what the scales say and I did take some progress pics but I do think it helps if we can see things going in the right direction. Mentally this is something I think every woman struggles with and I should just throw out the scales but I don’t think I could! I don’t weigh myself everyday but just once or twice a week in the mornings to keep myself on track.

Here is my two week review of how I am getting on so far…

  • Exercise: For the most part I have stuck to getting up early and exercising as to make use of the intermittent fasting and burning some extra fat stores early doors. I’ve only had one or two days off to rest those muscles and have made myself get up and go straight into our garage gym even if its just to do a quick HIIT session of 20 mins or so. Most days I have been training a different body part using weights and have been aching ever since! I have used The body coach for my HIIT sessions approx twice a week also. Love his quick videos but they are tough. early morning


  • Food: I have actually felt so much better in myself too these last two weeks. I’ve been a lot less bloated, had more energy and slept a whole lot better. I did feel a little hungry and empty the first few days of the fasting as I was trying not to eat before 12pm and not to eat after 8pm most days give or take an hour or so later if I was working a little later; but I have got used to it. This 8 hour window seems to work best for me and my timetable but I think you can pick a time to suit you. For the most part of your fast you are asleep, but it has definitely helped with my snacking in the evening knowing I cannot eat past a certain time. What to eat has been a challenge, as my research said that I should be eating a high fat low carb diet as in ketogenic diet style. This has been a tough one to get my head around, but I haven’t felt too hungry so I must be doing something right. I’ve added alot more eggs, cheese, almonds, avocado, butter and healthy oils into my diet to help me feel fuller for longer and tried to cut down on the carbs. I have been using alot of cauliflower rice so I feel like I am having carbs but in actual fact its a veg and it really does fill me up.


  • Drinks: I have been on a no alcohol mission for approx 4 weeks now and feel so much better for it! I definitely think alcohol plays a big part in weight gain for me as I also want that kebab at the end of the night too. So I am staying off it for a few more weeks yet  this should give me a good chance of toning up a little more before hols. For the most part I have been drinking my water. No fizzy pop and hardly any cordial. Getting back into drinking alot of water is quite hard at first but I feel like its been about a month of drinking water and I now prefer it. I also drink a few cups of tea too usually 2-3 cups with a little semi skimmed milk and no sugar to keep me going. I do use this Hydr8M8 water bottle too which I love and its so handy to keep with me especially in work where I can forget to keep drinking water throughout the day. Hydr8m8


  • Sustainability: I think this way of eating and exercising is easily sustainable for me at the minute. Hopefully I can keep it up till we go away in 7 weeks. Will keep you updated! Any tips from others who have used intermittent fasting as a way of keeping track of their diet let me know. Would love to know people’s thoughts. I know a few of my friends have been doing this with me and are finding it pretty easy so lets keep going together.

Have a great weekend everyone

Sam xxx


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