Girls new bedrooms

As we move closer to moving back into our house, I have been looking at items to decorate the girls new bedrooms. As we have had the loft converted into a bedroom for us both the girls will have double bedrooms to themselves. Spoilt I know!

Here are a few items I have come across that I would love to buy to add to their bedrooms.

Click on the link the shop them.

Unicorn book holders £15.95 for the pair

Both Macie and Aayliah love books and have so many but they always look a mess on the shelves and are piled on top of each other. These would look great and be very practical in their rooms.

Pom Pom cushion £23.95 a little pricy but it’s so cute! May look for one similar as I do love a cushion.

Dolls house wall storage £23 from ikea. I would probably paint these to match the girls wall decor. Can be used to store items or as decoration in their rooms.

Jewellery box £13.99 it’s half price at the minute! Macie has her own little bit of jewellery now and I know she would love the ballerina inside.

Unicorn cushion £16.53 at Tesco at the minute and everyone knows girls love a cushion and sequins so this is perfect.

Star wall light £17 love these I know they’re a little Christmassy but they would look great on the girls walls all year round

There are so many more items out there but just ideas for now as we have so much to pay for after the loft has been done! Hopefully when they’re finished I will post some pictures.

*All recommendations and ideas are my own and I was not paid for this post. *

Sam xx

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