Our loft conversion

Happy Sunday peeps!

As a few of you know we are currently having our loft converted at home into a bedroom and en suite for Kris and I so that both girls can have a double bedroom each. We began around a month ago and it has really come a long way. I did not realise how much work and what a mess my house would be in though during this process. We are currently living at my mums as we cannot live at home. We have no ceilings in our upper bedrooms and the house is a building site.

New stairs going in
New en suite


Ceilings coming out!

As much as I like living at home and really appreciate my parents for putting Kris, I and the girls up; I miss my home! It will be an amazing space one it has finished but I haven’t slept in my own house for a month now and really miss it.


While I have been away from home I have been looking at pinterest and Instagram for inspo on loft conversions. We already have our bathroom bought and cannot wait to see it all finished!

Here are my top Instagram pages for house inspo…

The little grey home

Interior design ideas

House designs

Keep looking through these for ideas and inspo. Anybody else have any good Instagram pages or websites for house items and inspiration comment below!

Have a great weekend we are off to watch some fireworks

Sam x


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