Exercise with kids 

Hi all! Recently I have got back into regular exercise courtesy of my home gym and Ldn muscle. But I do have the say now the girls are able to run around and join in my workouts have become so much more fun! If not a little tricky sometimes.

 Macie is nearly 4 and aayliah 2 next month so they just like to mess around in the garage gym and play with equipment. Macie even likes to bring her “classmates” (teddies and dollies) in to workout and watch what we do. ​

Macie loving the squat rack as a monkey bar above. Getting some use out of those gymnastic sessions! 

Whatever I am doing the girls like to join in, I like to think I’m teaching them to be strong. ​

I want to be able to teach the girls that exercise should be part of our lives each week and that it isn’t to help only make you slim but keep you healthy, physically and mentally and also make you strong. 

When they’re older I hope they can join in with me just like they try to now. I can have the most stressful day but after an hour in the garage gym I feel in top of the world; even with the girls rallying around me. It’s not just the physical benefits! 

I hope to keep this up as not only am I more toned and fitter but I sleep better and eat better for it. I’ve been using the bikini guide now for around 8 weeks and have noticed such a change! I took these pictures below just two weeks apart and the difference is amazing, much more toned and stronger than just two weeks prior!

Even if you have young children, exercise can be incorporated into your life. I wish I had only started earlier to feel the benefits like I do now. Hope this inspires another mummy to do the same. 

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