First workout of 2017!

Today was the day and il regret it tomorrow when I am aching like crazy but had to start somewhere. I’ve not exercised properly in months and really miss it; it not only makes me feel better, it’s helps me sleep better and over time feel more energetic. 

While Macie was napping in the living room, Kris and I took aayliah into our garage gym. Leg day it was and off we went, squats, lunges, hamstring curls the lot and now I’m knackered! Hopefully this will be the beginning of a fitter and healthier life as it was after I had my first baby Macie. 

Aayliah had to join in for a picture or two! She wouldn’t leave me alone but let her daddy do his sets; mummy’s girl today. 

Using mainly body weight as not quite ready for any added weight yet. This was quite enough using plyo metric techniques such as squat jumps to get the heart racing too. Aayliah was the only added weight during some sets, little monkey. 

Kris was my trainer helping me to push myself and showing me a few new exercises and techniques to mix it up. Love working out with my hubby it really helps and gives me a better workout. 

My diet has been pretty good too today so this also helps. Breakfast consisted of porridge oats mixed with almond milk and agave nectar, lunch was a skinny latte with sugarfree caramel syrup (we were out and about so skipped a proper lunch which is naughty!). Dinner was roast chicken, sweet potato mash and veg with gravy. Overall pretty good. Should not skip lunch though! 

Weighed myself this morning too. 9 stone 2.5lbs. I am not too concerned with what I weigh I just want to tone up but it’s good to get an idea of what I weigh. For my height (5″2) this is well within my healthy bmi range. 

I hope that by keeping up with my blog and other social media it helps to hold myself accountable for my healthier actions and keeps me on track as I was before. Maybe it will even inspire other mums to do this same! Here’s to a great beginning to the new year! 

Sam xxx

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