Starting over

Hi all! I haven’t written a post for so long I’m not sure where to start. Life is hectic and I wish it would slow down; Aayliah is 19 months and Macie was 3 in September…where does the time go? We have just returned from a family holiday to Cuba for Xmas and what an amazing time we had. The kids were hard work but at the same time major fun this holiday and they did so well on the flight over there.


I wanted to write a blog post as a bit of a kick start into the new year! Fitness has really fallen in the last year or so and I do miss it, I need to make it a priority in my life again so I have decided to start again! Kris and I cancelled both of our gym memberships last year due to finding it hard with childcare but we invested in some equipment for at home so there really is no excuse. While we were away I saw more and more amazing women with amazing bodies who were also mothers and it gave me insiration to get fit again. Not only for myself but to set a good example for the girls again. I just need to get organised each week and set out time for myself to exercise.

So here goes to new updates, pictures, progress and inspo! Happy new year to all xxx

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