Aayliah at 1 month! šŸ’•

Yesterday (02/08/15) Aayliah turned exactly 1 month old! Where did that first month go? She is an amazing addition to our family and makes it complete. I can’t imagine life without her now. She has grown so much too, had her weighed last week and she was 9lb 6oz so just over 2lb gain since birth! Little chubber šŸ˜€

Today was my first day of having the girls by myself as hubby returned to work from paternity and annual leave. Macie was at nursery for half of the day so it wasn’t bad and seeing as Kris was on a late shift I got to go to the gym this morning before he went to work. Got my gym buddy back in the form of my sister so we did a leg session. Let’s hope we don’t ache too much tomorrow! Loving getting back into the gym but not liking all the aching muscles that go with it. It takes so long to build up fitness and we lose it so quick can be really frustrating but I know what I can do now so feel more comfortable in the gym now and will push myself to regain my fitness I had before Aayliah. 

In this first month Aayliah has changed so much!   

  This was when she was just a few hours old to below was today…  

She changes so much each day! She is now more alert and awake and has definitely found her lungs. When Macie goes to bed Aayliah wakes up and wants cuddles; it’s like she knows it’s her time to have us all to herself. Her hair is changing colour like Macie’s did. Macie was dark and went lighter over time, I think Aayliah is going the same. 

Trying to take as many photos as I can as I know time just goes way too fast, I wish each day would slow down so I am enjoying each second. Having a newborn seems a lot easier second time round though and everything just comes naturally, I haven’t worried about anything and am making he most of the cuddles before she starts wriggling about and doesn’t want them so much anymore. 

I am doing quite well in my weight loss. I am not being too strict and haven’t cut anything out of my diet. I find the more I tell myself I cannot have something the more I crave it so I just cut down on the items I know are bad for me. I don’t weigh much difference on the scales but I can definitely see a difference in my pics. We shouldn’t focus too much on what the scales say but go on inches lost, this is why I take pictures as you can physically see a difference where as the scales may not always make us feel great. 

What a huge difference a month makes! Still got a lot of toning to do and my stomach feels like jelly but overall I feel great! I am so glad I exercised and kept healthy the majority of my pregnancy. It has made my post partum recovery a lot easier and my body has gone back a lot faster than it did with Macie. It makes me wish I had done the same in my first pregnancy but we can’t go back and change that so I just learnt from it instead! 

Macie is being a brilliant big sister and she tries to be gentle around Aayliah but I know she is too young to understand yet she gives her lots of kisses and cuddles.  

 I think Macie thinks Aayliah is one of her dollies to play with! Bless her! Macie turns two next month so we have started to plan her a birthday party, time really is flying! 

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. We are celebrating my little brother’s 17th birthday tomorrow and going trampolining, should be good fun! 

Thanks for reading my updates I am really humbled by the responses I get from a lot of women out there. It is great to share my experiences and document them on my blog but it is even nicer that I know people enjoy reading it too so thanks again! 


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