40 weeks

Today should of been my due date however baby Aayliah Lillie bache made her appearance yesterday July 2nd at 11:33am!! We are both doing really well and I managed to give birth naturally opposed to c section this time. I’m so proud of my self that I did it and feel so much better for giving it my best shot and the outcome of recovery is a lot easier! 

Here is a few pics that I took the day I went in for my sweep (which helped to start me into labour) and after I gave birth. 

Not too sure why I took some bump pics that day but I guess in my head I thought I may go into labour after my sweep, but u wasn’t optimistic. However I was trying to not get my hopes up too much as I didn’t want to put pressure on myself going into labour on my own. 

After my sweep from the doctor at the hospital I tried to keep myself busy. We walked back home and I went to see my bestie Sam and her baby billie for a few hours. I even did a little food shop in Sainsbury’s lol! I started having pains before I left to see Sam however I’ve been having contractions for weeks now so didn’t get my hopes up until around tea time when the contractions started getting stronger and closer together. 

I had an epidural and a lot of blood loss so I stayed in hospital last night but we got to take baby Aayliah home today. I love her so much and Macie has been brilliant so far. My mum and dad have tried to teach Macie to say “sister”; it’s so cute!

 Will do a write up of my delivery when I have the energy but right now I’m off to catch up on some sleep. Thanks to everyone that has sent messages and well wishes they’re much appreciated. Xx


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