What’s in my hospital bag?

Hi everyone hope you’re enjoying this lovely sunny Monday! I have finally got round to packing my hospital bag and I have started to bag baby’s bag too! Just need to get a few more bits then it will all be ready to go…

This time packing was a lot easier and I know what I need from my experience of around 5 days in hospital last time. Here are my essentials….  


  • A large tote bag. I may look like you’re packing for your holidays but everyone is in the same boat and will overpack just in case. I know I didn’t pack enough of a few things last time so I used a beach bag to fit everything in this time round!
  • Sanitary pads and breast pads. I used the same brands last time and got them from my local ASDA supermarket. You will definitely need these and any brand is fine. After not having a period for 9 months, these will feel annoying but they are a necessity.
  • Toiletries. I have packed mini versions of everything. These are less bulkier to carry round and if you end up in hospital for a few nights like most women you will want a shower and fresh toiletries. I packed the following…
  • Tooth brush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo and conditioner 
  • Body wash
  • Deodorant and deodorant wipes as you sweat so much after birth
  • Dry shampoo, just in case you can’t wash your hair or do not want to
  • Mini moisturiser. I got a travel sized version of my normal moisturiser from Clinique
  • Face cloth
  • Make up wipes
  • Hand sanitiser wipes. These are really useful especially if you have had stitches or surgery and want to keep your hands clean at every opportunity to help decrease the likelihood of infections. 
  • I also packed a couple of large bed t shirts and some pjs. All extra big for comfort
  • Large underwear. You want some big comfy pants for afterwards especially if like me you had a c section then I didn’t want anything resting on my new scar
  • Crop tops or comfy bras. I pack some bra tops for afterwards similar to the ones I wear for the gym. I choose not to breast feed so these are great for comfort afterwards and keeping them in place without digging in. I also packed a few Cami tops too.
  • Comfortable clothes to come home in. Take a change of clothes again large and baggy for comfort for when you come home
  • Throw away slippers. My friend Shaun got me these from a hotel and they were perfect last time as I wasn’t worried about ruining slippers.
  • Flip flops. I swelled up really bad after birth last time and this is common so I have packed a cheap pair of flip flops also to come home in or walk around be hospital in my slippers are ruined.

I still need to nip out and get some more large underwear but other than that I am ready to go. I will add my make up bag and maybe my razor too for under arm hair nearer the time. Once I have finished babies bag I will do a post on this too! 

Any queries feel free to ask me! I will be packing a man bag for kris also full of treats and energy drinks to keep us both going! 💕

Have I missed anything out? Do you have any great hospital bag tips? Thanks xx


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