33 weeks

Happy Sunday everyone! I was 33 weeks on Friday so today I am 33 weeks 2 days, time is flying! Here is my 33 week summary… 


Took these pics last night and I feel massive! 7 more weeks to go…


Huge! Other than that I am just tired. Started off with a cold the other day and not really been able to take anything for it so my sleep has been pretty broken due to being unable to breath through my nose properly. Starting to feel like pregnancy is slowing me down. I feel heavy and lethargic but time is flying by and we have started to get some stuff ready for baby number two, starting off with baby’s bedroom! 


I have gained a few pounds recently. After not gaining any weight for a fair few weeks now, getting heavier and more tired hasn’t helped in my weight gain as all I have wanted to do is eat and rest. Still as busy as ever with macie and work though but my exercise has lacked and so has the healthy eating. Still not as bad as I was before macie and eating healthy most of the time, but I have been that busy I haven’t been very organised with food and just eating on the go leading to unhealthy food choices. I weighed myself at the gym last Monday and had gained 3lbs so a total weight gain of around 24lbs (1 stone 10lbs).


Lacking! I haven’t focused too much on exercise at the moment but planning on going to the gym tomorrow and I did a great full body workout last Monday too. It is getting harder to stay motivated but I know it will help so much after baby has come and it makes me feel great during pregnancy also so I will keep it up!

Stretch marks?

Starting to see some of my old marks stretch again slightly but it is hard to tell as I cannot see much of my lower stomach now without the use of a mirror.

Midwife appointments?

Still need to book in for my whooping cough injection so will do this tomorrow’s. Baby brain keeps making me forget! No midwife appointments until a week on Tuesday. I think she will ask me to do my birth plan when u go this time. 


Plenty! She doesn’t stop much at all so my stomach is constantly moving around. This baby has ants in her pants for definite; what a wriggler!

Overall things are getting harder but I am still doing well and knowing how quickly this pregnancy is going I will soon have my baby before I know it. Need to start thinking of names…


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