My 32 week pregnancy workout

Happy Monday everyone! Time for a little Monday motivation, if I can get my bum out of bed and go to the gym at 32weeks pregnant so can you! To be fair I haven’t been for over a week so started the week off right. It is getting harder but I find if I do a little I am more awake throughout the day, have more energy and sleep better at night. 

Here is what I did at the gym this morning and a few tomato faced selfies after I had finished 😀

Hill walk warm up for 10 mins on treadmill.

1st circuit (repeated x3)

  • 20 x kettle bell swings with 8kg kettle bell
  • 20 x sumo squats holding a 5kg plate, hold and pulse on the last one for 10 seconds and hold for another 10 seconds
  • 20 x standing leg lifts (each leg)
  • 20 x squat with glute kickback
  • 20 x Romanian deadlift with 2 x 3kh Dumbbells 

Repeat 3 x through with as little rest as possible. Drink lots of water of pregnant too!

2nd circuit (arms)

I used a pair of 3kg Dumbbells throughout.

  • 12 x biceps curls 
  • 12 x single arm tricep kickback (each arm)
  • 12 x overhead shoulder raise
  • 12 x upright row 
  • 12 x bent over rear fly
  • 10 x press ups (using the aerobic box for a lift off the floor) 

Repeat 3 x through with as little rest as possible. Again drinking lots of water.

 Great full body pregnancy workout and it was tough! Let me know if you have a go or any other mums out there still exercising into their third trimester?

Disclaimer: I am not qualified just a mum sharing her routines. Please consult a doctor before embarking on a new exercise regime. 

Have a lovely Monday! Xx


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