31 weeks 1 day

Finally into single finger countdown till my due date! 9 weeks to go and it’s flown by. Took my 31week pics last night before bed, excuse the no make up and pj look! 



Huge! My stomach when I look down looks massive but I feel fine still. I have been sleeping ok and not too uncomfortable yet but I know I have a lot of growth to go yet! I do get a few trapped nerves in my lower back to top of my bum when I am sat for a while now and my skin still isn’t great but there isn’t a lot to moan about other than that.


I haven’t gained any weight now for a few weeks. I am not surprised though as I have been rushed off my feet so looking forward to a few days off over the bank holiday to chill out with the family. My diet hasn’t been great over the last few weeks I have wanted more chocolate and carbs but it hasn’t been all terrible either, I have had a lot of salads too! If I eat too late with too much fatty food I get bad indigestion so I have been trying to have a lighter meal in the evening and eat more during the day which seems to work for me. I eat so late at night due to work that it doesn’t leave me enough time to digest the food before bed so a lighter meal is a lot better all round. Total weight gain of a stone and 7lbs or 21lbs for my American readers. 


Exercise has dwindled a little due to my busy schedule and less energy. But have still been going to the gym twice a week and getting out walking with Macie in the pushchair in between. I do feel like keeping active is helping a lot with my sleep and energy levels so I  trying to keep it up as much as possible. I feel great after a workout but I cannot sustain much longer than 45 minutes strength training. I feel this enough for now! Cannot wait to get back into exercising properly once baby is born though! I do miss pushing myself.

Belly button? 

Out and staying out for the duration now!

Stretch marks?

I haven’t been as vigilant with putting my cream on but still no new stretch marks that I can see! I’m a lot less stressed about them this time as they do fade! 

Midwife appointments?

We went for a 30 week growth scan at the hospital the other day.  


Baby is growing nicely and a little more on the average weight than Macie was. She was a little small so they want to keep an eye on growth this time round. We will have another growth scan at 36 weeks too; it is nice to see baby again though! She is also head down now so she has turned since the 4d scan which is brilliant.


Loads! She doesn’t seem to stop! I feel a lot of wriggles and limbs moving around in there now. Strange but exciting!

Overall still doing well and no problems so hopefully it will keep that way! Looking forward to meeting our baby girl now the date is getting closer. Hopefully baby’s nursery will be done in a few weeks too! 💕

Have a great bank holiday weekend! Xx 


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