Get out walking!!

Morning everyone! Another sunny day here in Crewe, Cheshire and I am loving it! The sun puts you in such a happy mood, it is so nice to get outside and feel the warm sun on our faces. Macie loves being outside also so it’s ideal when the weather is like this and she can run around in the garden or the park nearby.

I have been wanting to write this post on walking for a while, but as most people that know me know I am very busy I just haven’t had the time! I love walking! I never thought I would say that before I had Macie 19 months ago but I actually love to get out and walk no matter what the weather but even more so when the weather is good like this!


I hear all of the time, “I don’t have time to exercise”, “I cannot afford to join the gym”, “I have a lot of problems so cannot exercise”. These are all excuses in my eyes! Get out there and walk unless you physically can’t! Walking is free, low impact and great for weight loss. Here are my top reasons to get out and do some walking…

  1. Walking is free!

A lot of people I know cannot afford or want the extra expense of joining the gym, but you don’t have to spend a penny when you go out walking.

2. Walking is low impact.

Walking isn’t hard on your joints and ligaments and you are not likely to injure yourself when going out for a walk.

3. Walking can boost Vitamin D levels.

If you are walking in the daytime then you are increasing your vitamin d levels which most of us in the UK are deficient in. Vitamin D helps with a lot of things including immunity and bone health and can make us feel great! Obviously you still need to be careful to not expose your skin to too much sunlight and not burn but a little sunlight each day does us wonders!

4. Walking helps to tone your bum, legs, arms and stomach!

Walking is a great toning exercise also. It can really help to shape calves and thighs and lift the glutes but also if you keep an eye on your posture as you walk it can help tone your stomach too. Stand up tall when you walk and use your pelvic floor muscles to hold your stomach in. Being conscious of your posture when your walk really helps with toning. If you go powerwalking then you can tone your arms too. As you powerwalk a lot of the energy comes from swinging your arms; the fast you move your arms, the faster you walk.

5. Walking boosts you mood.

As most of us know, exercise releases endorphins (happy hormones) and it can make you feel great You can even go walking with a friend or join a walking group so that you can enjoy a chat at the same time. Making exercise enjoyable is a good reason to keep on doing it. Most active people are less likely to get depressed than the lesser active.

6. Walking is great for weight loss.

Walking burns calories. So put one foot in front of the other and get out there! On average a person walking 2mph will burn around 75 calories in 30minutes, speed that up a little and you can burn a lot more! Walking also increases muscle mass and tone and the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism – so the more calories you burn, even at rest.

There are so many more reasons to get other there and walk including lowering risks of heart disease and dementia. Walking has definitely played a major role in helping me to lose weight and tone up. Especially since having Macie I can get her in the pushchair and go for a long walk and she will have  a nap most of the time too so it is a win win situation! I have also carried on walking since I found out I was pregnant again and this has played a huge role in my fitness during my second pregnancy and helped ease some pregnancy related niggles whilst keeping my weight gain to a minimum also. For those of you that follow me on Instagram you will see me and Macie out walking quite a lot. I also use Map My Run app on my phone to track my miles and speed nearly every time we go out for a walk. It’s a great tool to help keep on track. This app is also free…bonus!


Tag me in your pics if you are out for a lovely summer’s walk! Have a great day everyone xx


3 thoughts on “Get out walking!!

  1. I walk each and every evening on the beach (it is my back yard-yes, very blessed indeed). It is my time to enjoy and watch the beautiful sunsets here in Florida (USA). I have always walked on the beach since childhood (then with a parent). Great low impact and consistency keep muscles and bones healthy. Have a great weekend! Cheryl

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