The Protein Works Review

Hi all, happy hump day! Recently I have changed up my protein as I was getting bored of just vanilla and chocolate flavours so whilst talking to one of my clients she recommended My Protein Works. So I took a look online and purchased a few flavours and I am so impressed!

The Protein Works sells a multitude of health products based around protein, from pre workout to protein popcorn; they have a huge selection. I have always gone to whey protein powder as it is the most commonly used protein, easily digested and can be taken at any time of the day. They sell a few different types of whey protein powder so I picked the whey 80, which seemed to have a good amount of protein in per serving but not too many carbs or extra sugars.

“Whey Protein 80 is our award-winning premium grade whey protein concentrate. Winner of the highly coveted, “Best Protein Award” in the industry-leading FSN Product Awards, TPW™ whey protein is known for its exceptional purity. It contains no thickeners or fillers and is available in a wide range of exclusive natural flavours. Whey Protein 80 is undenatured and has the highest biological value (BV) of any known protein.
Whey Protein 80 is made from the very finest whey protein concentrate with over 80% protein content. It is micro-filtered and not heat treated to produce an ultra pure protein. Whey Protein 80 is also formulated with ground-breaking patented enzyme technology AMINOGEN®, setting it apart in the world of whey protein formulas.

    • Won Best Protein in FSN Industry Awards
    • 20g of premium grade protein per serving
  • Includes AMINOGEN® enzyme system”

There was so much to choose from I struggled to pick a flavour so I went for a sample pack of five different flavours which you can get here. 

It was on offer for only £29.95 instead of £49.95 so it was a bargain! Each bag is 250g of protein powder and comes with an individual scoop. I went for 5 different flavours:

  • Apple Cinnamon Swirl
  • Cherry Bakewell
  • Chocolate Mint Brownie
  • Lemon Shortcake
  • Strawberry and White Choc


I have tried each one bar apple cinnamon swirl and love them all. I am sure I will love that one too, will have one later on today so will make it this one. I mix my protein with almond milk but you can mix with water too, I just love the creamier texture of the almond milk with the protein powder. My order also came the day after I ordered it so I was super impressed with their service, will definitely be purchasing more protein powder from these guys! I may try out some of the snacks next time too!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, I was not paid for this review.

Do you use protein powder in your diet? If not read my post on why I think it is a good supplement to a diet whether trying to lose weight, maintain or bulk up here.

We have managed some spring like weather here today so Macie and I got out walking before…gorgeous! Have a lovely day xx


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