24 weeks

Yesturday I turned 24 weeks pregnant. Didn’t get time to take belly shots till around 1130pm as I had such a busy day! We went out to celebrate my Dad’s birthday who turns 50 at the end of the month but they are away for it so I asked Kris to take some pics at the end of the night.

image Feeling?

Great! Feel like my bump has grown enormously in the last few weeks and got a lot wider. My back has started to ache a little when I do a lot of walking or I am standing for a long time in one spot so may have to invest and something to help give me support as my job as a mobile hairdresser involves a lot of standing and I still want to go walking a lot. Anybody out there found any good support belts for during pregnancy that are reasonable in price? Other than that still sleeping ok and feeling happy.

Weight Gain?

Weighed myself at the gym yesterday morning and gained around 1/2 lb since last time. So not too bad in a week. Think I will see my weight rapidly increase over the next few months though as I grow the most. Total weight gain of around 1 stone 3lbs which I think is around average so pretty pleased with that. It is hard to gain weight back on after being in control of losing it for the year after I had Macie. It felt like I had just got my body back that was even better than before and now I am going backwards. Even though I know it’s all for a good cause I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed when I step on the scales. At least with this pregnancy I know I am a lot healthier and fitter than my first.


I have crammed in quite a few days of exercise this week so far. I have managed to get to the gym twice and I hope to go this afternoon also which will be lovely. I find I do get more done at the gym as they’re is nothing to distract me. I am getting some funny looks now in the gym though as I grow bigger. It still seems that exercising whilst pregnant is still looked upon as being a bit taboo. I have done my research though and I am listening to my body; so I know I can keep going for a lot longer yet. Still getting a bit of walking in too despite the shocking wet weather, Macie and I just wrap up warm and get out there. Macie isn’t a huge fan of going in the pushchair at first now she wants to run around everywhere and be free but once she is in she loves it. She usually gets in a good nap when I take her walking, cannot wait for the weather to get a bit nicer so that our walks are more enjoyable and maybe I can get some workouts in outside in the garden. I have squeezed in a few home workouts too using the ToneItUp website. Love those girls, check out their website in my link if you haven’t before. They are so motivating and uplifting and they post weekly workout schedules on their website which can be done at home or outside or in the gym.

Belly Button?

It so far out now it has become an actual button. It sticks out through all of my clothes and looks so funny.

Stretch marks?

Not noticed anymore yet and still using the same cream. Even if the cream doesn’t help with stretch marks it definitely helps to relieve the itchiness going on as my skin stretches.


This baby girl likes to move! I notice she is most active after around 830pm and in the morning as soon as I wake up. Lots of wriggles and kicks now and they get stronger each day.

Maternity wear?

The dress I have on above is from River Island the other day as I wanted something to go out in last night It is  a non maternity dress but has a little stretch in it. I bought it in a size up to what I was pre pregnancy but still only a size 10; so hopefully I can wear it again post pregnancy too. You can buy it here. I have also bought a maternity dress from Asos or tonight as we have a 21st party to go to. Hopefully I will be able to wear it again  but if not it was in the sale so I don’t feel like I have wasted too much money! on something I will hardly get chance to wear. That is the only problem with buying maternity wear; it seems such a waste when you only need it for such a small amount of time. You can find this dress here.


Disclaimer: All thoughts on these outfits are my own. I am not endorsed to give you this information just sharing my wardrobe with everyone.

Midwife Appointments?
Nothing again for a while now. You don’t get to see your midwife much with your second baby where I am however as I had a “small” baby last time I will see her slightly more often but still not for a few weeks. This is the ‘nice’ stage of pregnancy so guess they don’t need to see you unless you feel you need to. Hopefully get to hear baby’s heartbeat next time though!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thanks for reading! I have had some lovely feedback about my blog which is much appreciated as I only started it as a hobby, so I am grateful people enjoy it and it has helped others. Much Love xxx

2 thoughts on “24 weeks

  1. You’re looking great! I think it’s awesome that you’re consistent with your workouts while pregnant – as long as it doesn’t hurt you or the baby, you should be fine! You’re staying healthy for both of you, and I think that what you’re doing is inspiring.

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