Keeping fit whilst pregnant is hard!

I feel deflated….just been to the gym and felt so unfit for the first time in a long time. Weighed myself when I got there and I have gained 2lbs which is fine but I think after trying to lose weight and keep fit for the last year or so to then gain a stone is really hard to take. Even though I know it’s for a good cause and I shouldn’t be too bothered about the weight gain.

Being pregnant is making it alot harder to get done what I want to. I feel like I cannot lift the weight I want and there just isn’t any progression; I am just going backwards. Still on the positive side I am fit amd well and nearly half way through my second pregnancy.  It’s just hard when I worked so hard to regain my pre baby body and ended up with the best body I have ever had!

I wanted to share this to show that it isn’t easu to keep up a fit and healthy lifestyle and each week we may have ups and downs that make us feel like we are not getting anywhere.  But we should pick ourselves up and start again, never give up!

Recently I have had a few friends ask me for some advice on how to lose weight etc. My advice is to take each day as it comes. If you mess up or don’t feel like you are getting anywhere start again tomorrow and aim for the positives.  Set yourself small goals instead of looking at the bigger picture.  Eg. Have 3 stone to lose? Then set yourself smaller goals each month and stick to those. Eventually you will have got to your goal and feel amazing.  We all have set backs, it’s learning from these that help us to reach our goals.

For now I will be setting my goals for after baby no 2. It will give me a challenge to aim for. My body is coping much better this time, it’s just mentally much harder when you have another child to run after too. Maybe I am just over tired!

Have a great day everyone.  Think of the positives even if it is Monday! Tomorrow is another day…


4 thoughts on “Keeping fit whilst pregnant is hard!

  1. You look awesome! You are being too hard on yourself, in my opinion. At least you got to the gym! The way I see it: eat what you want, cut no corners now, give the baby what the baby needs, and then worry about the weight later. I gained 60 lbs! with each pregnancy. You will find ways to move to get back into shape. You are in good shape now….you’ll be fine after. my 2 cents… xo

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      1. I understand those days… hang in there! Good food, plenty of rest. (Sometimes it sounds different from someone else…and not just saying it to yourself) Snuggle with your little girl. You look gorgeous…

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