Outfit of the day! Maternity style 👗👚

Last time I was pregnant I didnt need to buy many maternity clothes as I was at my heaviest during summer where I could get away with floaty dresses and what maternity wear I did buy I sold most of it on Ebay. This time I have a bump alot sooner than with Macie and because I lost alot of weight afterwards I went out and bought a whole new uk size 8 wardrobe; which is way to tight now! So this time I have invested in some maternity leggings and jeans to get me through the rest of the winter.

This is my outfit for today, I am in work so just casual wear for my freelance hairdresser job.



My jeans are maternity from Topshop and they are maternity joni jeans in navy blue. They are extremely comfy.; the material is very stretcht but unlike my maternity leigh topshop jeans they seem alot tighter round the legs and bum making them less likely to fall down!  Love them already!  I paid £36 which isn’t cheap but I should get my next 5 months out of them and hopefully just a short time after birth too. Get them by clicking this link…maternity joni jeans.

My t shirt is also new, bought from New Look. It’s so cute! I just bought it in the next size up as it’s not maternity but quite long so i should be able to wear it afterwards. Love the slogan “glitter is always an option”


A bargain at £7.99! Love a bit of New Look especially when I am a bit of a shopaholic (according to my hubby Kris).

Maternity wear doesn’t have to be boring and I know from last time it re sells on ebay really well. So you should get a little back of what you spent on clothes yoy may only wear for a short time. Try and get some basic peices and you can add non maternity to it also.

Have a nice day everyone! Xx

All ideas and thoughts are my own.

4 thoughts on “Outfit of the day! Maternity style 👗👚

  1. I am sat in a meeting in the office reading your blog, thinking “Where did that Smart Business women & mother to my grandchildren” come from, how time change.

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