My wardrobe clearout

I am a bit of a shopaholic when it comed to clothes! Even though i do buy more for Macie than myself…i can’t help it when it comes to her. Everything is too cute!

Over the last 2 years i have been many different sizes and shapes due to being pregnant and then trying to lose the weight after. Therefore my wardrobe has expanded to the size of a small shop! Everything from uk size 8 to uk size 14 and maternity bits in there too! So time for a mass clearout!

When i first found out i was pregnant with Macie i had a mass clearout. We also moved house so it was good to get rid of some clothes. Alot of items i managed to sell on ebay as alot of my clothes i wear once or twice and then i want new! It gave me a bit of extra cash to spend on maternity wear which i kept the basics like jeans for the next time.

This time i was really ruthless and got rid of alot of gorgeous dresses and items i bought for holiday.  But we are trying for a baby again so i know by the time i get round to wearing them again i will want new. Ebay is great for selling clothes i love it! Made myself a little extra cash for more clothes!


New items from boohoo! Money already spent haha!


New heart leggings!  So cute!

Still got a few items selling for some nice xmas outfits!

This is the only downside to losing weight to be honest! But then again i get to fit into my uk size 8 clothes again and feel comfortable! 

Do you sell on ebay? Have you got clothes in ranges of sizes? I think it’s good to get rid of the larger sizes so it gives you more incentive to keep the weight off! Extra cash is always good to come by too!


6 thoughts on “My wardrobe clearout

  1. I keep on pair of large pants as a grim reminder of where I may end up if I’m not disciplined. 🙂 I usually drop off my old clothes at a nearby church that has a collection container there.

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