Happy hump day! Wednesday’s workout


Happy hump day everyone. I managed to get to the gym again today and work my glutes. I never spend hours at the gym, i just simply don’t have the time or want to be there for hours so i make my time count.  I did about 50 mins of exercise today with hardly any rest. Alot of the exercises you could modify or do at home by using dumbells or no weight just do more reps till you feel the burn.

I started off with 4 sets of weighted squats. 12 reps of each. Beginning at 10kg and going up to 40kg back squats. Making sure i go deep into the squat. If you wanted to do this at home you could modify with dumbells by your sides or without weight just do more reps and go deep into your squat.  Keep your knees in line with your ankles don’t let them fall over your toes.

After squats i made up two circuits. First circuit was 24 x (12 on each leg) weighted walking lunges with 6kg in each hand. 10 box jumps with no weight onto a reebok step at it’s highest level. Make sure you land soft and squat into the jump. Followed by 24 x (12 on each leg) weighted step ups onto reebok step set at the same height as the box jumps. Again using 6kg dumbells in each hand. I repeated thia circuit 3 times.

My second circuit was made up of single leg Deadlifts using a 6kg weight.  These are great for your hamstrings but also your core as you try to keep balance. Good tight hamstrings are key to a nice pert bum. I followed these by 12 squat jumps with no weight and finally i did 12 x glute kickbacks and 12 x fire hydrants on my right leg with no rest and repeated on left leg. Again no weight for these. You could use ankle weights though to make it harder.  My glutes were on fire after this last exercise.  I repeated the entire circuit 3 times also.

I wanted to get a little inner thigh work in just to finish off my workout.  So i used natalie jill and found a workout called perfect inner thighs. Click the link to take you to her video. It’s less than 5 mins but i finished my workout with this. You don’t need any equipment for this one you could do this at home.


Cheeky gym selfies! Haha!


Let me know if you try this out!  There are plenty of other exercise for glutes also. These were the ones i tried out today. I really enjoyed this workout this morning i hope you do too! If you are unsure of any of the exercises i have written about, pop them into a google search there are plenty of videos and pictures online showing you how to perform the exercise properly. 

After all i am no expert i have taught myself and learnt from others so make sure you don’t injure yourself. It’s better to do less and do them properly than do more without proper form and risk injury.

My food today has been pretty similar to yesturday.  I did get my strawberry protein shake after my workout to help repair and rebuild my muscle quicker.  I ate a bit more of my turkey chilli for tea but i did go out for lunch and had a small treat of a tuna and cheese panini…yum! All this hard work isn’t for nothing.  I do eat well 80% of the time but you gotta allow some ‘naughty’ foods into your life other wise you will never stick to your healthy eating. It’s a lifestyle, not a quick fix diet. Just choose your treats carefully and don’t make them too often.  Trick is to not over indulge and go on a mad binge.  A little of what you like when you like can help though!

Enjoy! Xxx

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